Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 308

Shan Guang quite sincerely nods."Well, you can leave then." Tang Ningshan waves her hand and motions Shan Guang to leave.In this way, one morning has passed. Tang Ningshan leans back in the chair and stretches out, trying to relax. After all, the company has so many department managers, but there is only Shan Guang would listen to her, which makes Tang Ningshan feel very tired. She does not know how long it will take for others to obey her management. Moreover, she still needs to hire new employees. Thinking this way, Tang Ningshan directly posts the hiring information on the recruitment website, which only writes the recruitment requirements and does not leave the company information. She also posts the same recruitment information on the hacker website where she used to go. After that, what she needs to do is to see if anyone will respond to her recruitment information.When Tang Ningshan is having lunch in her office, she is questioned by the heads of various departments one by one. Basically, the manages who come here all go straight into her office without knocking the door, and everyone's opening remarks are basically the same.Of course, the representative of these people is Liu Qing. Tang Ningshan directly ignores these people standing in her office. She finishes the meal quite calmly. After lunch, Tang Ningshan also goes to the water dispenser to get a cup of hot water and makes a cup of tea. Then she goes back to her chair to sit down and says, "Why? In the morning meeting, only three department managers were present. I thought that our company has only three departments. If I didn't deduct your salary, I don't even know that there are so many department managers in the company. I asked you guys to attend the meeting, but neither of you showed up, right? Now you guys heard that your salary has been halved, so you all come to question me? Are you taking the company as your own home? Do you think that you can do anything you want here? Or do you take the general manager's office as the backyard of your house? Do you think that you can even come in without knocking on the door? You think that Shao's company can't run without you guys?" Tang Ningshan's words do not have any effect, and those people do not fear the threat of Tang Ningshan at all. Basically, it can be said that they do not think that Tang Ningshan will pose any threat to them. Even their eyes are full of disdain."Manager Tang, we just want to know why you would deduct our salary. All we want is an explanation. This requirement is not excessive, isn't it? We just want to know why." Liu Qing is very rampant. After he finishes speaking, he sits directly on the sofa with his eyes staring at Tang Ningshan. As if he is telling Tang Ningshan that if she does not give him a satisfactory explanation today, he will not leave. Others are also very supportive of Liu Qing's approach. However, the sofa in the office is not big enough, so only three people can sit down. The rest of the people are standing by the three of them and looking at Tang Ningshan."You still don't know what you were doing wrong? Okay, I will tell you. The company has a regulation, which says that employees must obey the instructions of their superiors. I asked you to attend the meeting this morning, but you guys were not present, then I can only think that you are not obeying the arrangement from the superior. I have no other way to force you to listen to me. In my point of view, as long as my employees don't obey my words, then I will have the right to deduct their salaries. After deduction, if the salary this month is gone, I will deduct it from the salary of next month. Of course, you can ignore it, and also can be absent from every meeting in the future. I don't have any other punishments. Deducting salary is my only mean of punishment. Of course, if you feel that my approach is unreasonable, you can find a way to let me leave the position of general manager, and even let me leave this company. Also, I don't think I have an obligation to explain the reasons for these deductions to my subordinates. I explain this to you today because I am worried that you still don't understand my management principles and style. However, through everyone's performance today, I also understand that everyone is very reluctant to obey management. I don't know during the when Shao Hong was still the general manager, whether you guys also kept such an attitude toward work and toward your boss? "Tang Ningshan finishes, looking at them. She would like to see what reaction they will have after she mentions Shao Hong.Of course, these people also do not let her down. "I mean, manager Tang, I think what you said is not appropriate. How can you compare with manager Shao? Manager Shao has been in the company for so many years, and all the achievements he made for the company are easy to be seen. But what about you? Today is the first day of your appointment, you directly deducted our salary, which behavior is difficult for you to persuade us to obey you. If you can't show your performance to convince us, then we can only resign." Liu Qing finishes his words and looks at Tang Ningshan with a smug look. Tang Ningshan understands that he is sure that she could not dismiss them now; otherwise, he would not talk to her like this. Although she could not dismiss all of these department managers, she feels that expelling some of them would not have much impact on her."If this is the case, then you can directly submit your resignation letter. I can give you a pen and paper now, you can write it directly here. I will sign it after you finish writing. After that, you can go downstairs to pack up your stuff. Then, you can leave the company." After Tang Ningshan finishes, Liu Qing's expression changes. However, he soon recovers to normal. He blinks at the person beside him.The people around Liu Qing also quite cooperate with Liu Qing. After receiving his look, they all stand up and say "Manager Tang, if you want to dismiss him, then we will all take the initiative to resign!"After listening to this, Tang Ningshan does not get angry at all, but smiles. Tang Ningshan stands up from the chair and walks toward them step by step. She stands in front of Liu Qing and says coldly "Well, since everyone wants to leave, please submit your resignation letter now, so that I can immediately arrange for someone to take over your position!"After that, Tang Ningshan glances at the time and says "Now it is 12:30 in the afternoon. I will give each of you twenty minutes to submit your resignation letter to me. If I fail to receive your resignation letter within 20 minutes, then you will only go back to work seriously. After all, our Shao's company will not pay a group of employees who are not working. Of course, if you choose to continue to be my subordinate, I will think that you agree with the rules I have set and have no objection about the salary deduction. Of course, I have to emphasize one thing. If you want to stay, you have to abide by my rules. I don't care what Shao Hong's management style is, but now that I am the new general manager, then you have to get used to my management style. If you all understand it, then you can start acting now." Tang Ningshan finishes, walking back to her chair to sit down with her back facing them.When they are all about to leave her office, Tang Ningshan says again "If you are determined to leave, remember to pack all your own stuff, and then let your subordinate send your resignation letter to me. If you decide to stay, please remember that this is the company and you are my subordinate, so please knock on the door next time before coming. By the way, please close the door when you leave."Although many people think that Tang Ningshan's approach is unreasonable, they also know that Tang Ningshan is establishing her own prestige. If they don't want to give up such a wonderful job, then they can only endure it.When they all go out, Tang Ningshan finally relaxes. However, soon, she realizes that she could not relax; she still has too many things to do. She needs to hire many talents in management. Although her action just now may suppress some people, how long can such a state of suppression last?In the afternoon, Li Wei asks the secretary to send the financial statements to her. Tang Ningshan looks at the data above roughly, and she knows clearly that Li Wei is making a false account. However, she does not intend to tear Li Wei's mask off for the time being. Before she can find someone she trusts to manage the finance department, she could only let Li Wei stay in this position.After returning home in the evening, Tang Ningshan leans on the sofa in the living room as soon as she enters the house. Shao Ruihan comes out of the kitchen, "Shan, how are you doing today?"Tang Ningshan closes her eyes and leans on the sofa, rubbing her head and whispering "It's not good at all. I really didn't expect that there would be so many followers of Shao Hong in Shao's company. But in fact, I also suspect that this may be a trap that your grandmother deliberately set for me. She wants everyone to embarrass me."Shao Ruihan goes to the back of Tang Ningshan, massaging her shoulders and asking "Is it troublesome?""Yes. Today I called all the department managers of the company to take a meeting, but only three people attended the meeting. If possible, I want to replace most of the department managers. However, I really don't know where we can find so many management talents." Tang Ningshan squints and enjoys the massage of Shao Ruihan.Shao Ruihan listens to Tang Ningshan's words and raises his eyebrows and asks "There are no people you can trust?"Tang Ningshan sighs and turns and looks at Shao Ruihan. "There is only one person. But I can't make a conclusion now. I want to test him. The manager of the finance department really makes me feel speechless. I think he is taking me as an idiot. He gave me a lot of fake financial statements today, and these financial statements are really ridiculous. I think primary school students can even see that the data above is false."After listening to her words, Shao Ruihan also understands the seriousness of the problem. If they really want to take over Shao's company in the future, then they need to drive all Shao Hong's followers out of the company. They need to inject fresh blood into the company, which means they need a lot of talents. And what they lack most now is talents."You don't need to worry; I'll let Ji Jun help you with the recruitment. If it doesn't work, I can let them three temporarily go to the company to help you for a while." Shao Ruihan pats Tang Ningshan's shoulder and says.
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