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  • Douluos Immortal Swordsman

  • Genres : Action -  Adventure -  Fantasy -  Martial Arts -  Xuanhuan -  fanfiction -  Fan-Fiction
  • Status : Ongoing
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Douluos Immortal Swordsman summary:

Su Qin accidentally crossed the Douluo Continent and wrote a legend that belongs to him…Tang San: “Brother, can you do anything besides Jian (sword)?”Su Qin: “I still have a good pot of fairy brew. Would you like to have a bite? It’s effective!”Tang San: “Brother, why don’t you draw your sword, do you look down on me?”Su Qin: “Bian (sword) has an air of 30,000 miles, and a cheap (sword) has nineteen continents! I am too powerful, I am afraid you can’t afford it!”- Description from MTL

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Douluos Immortal Swordsman Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 474:7 days ago
Chapter 445:7 days ago
Chapter 363: Bet4 months ago
Chapter 362: Test4 months ago
Chapter 350: Chat4 months ago
Chapter 330:4 months ago
Chapter 323: Vow4 months ago
Chapter 312:4 months ago
Chapter 307: Pick4 months ago
Chapter 302: Test4 months ago
Chapter 297: Yard4 months ago
Chapter 260: Cut4 months ago
Chapter 252: Plan4 months ago
Chapter 250:4 months ago
Chapter 232: big4 months ago
Chapter 225: big4 months ago
Chapter 222: big4 months ago
Chapter 221: End4 months ago
Chapter 219: big4 months ago
Chapter 216: big4 months ago
Chapter 213: big4 months ago
Chapter 212: Send4 months ago
Chapter 193: big4 months ago
Chapter 190: big4 months ago
Chapter 181: big4 months ago
Chapter 163: big4 months ago
Chapter 157: big4 months ago
Chapter 135: Bare4 months ago
Chapter 121:4 months ago
Chapter 95: Kill4 months ago
Chapter 92: Duel4 months ago
Chapter 91: Bluff4 months ago
Chapter 89: Hurry4 months ago
Chapter 79:4 months ago
Chapter 77: Win4 months ago
Chapter 67:4 months ago
Chapter 59: Okay?4 months ago
Chapter 37: Win4 months ago
Chapter 36: Bet4 months ago
Chapter 31: Cut4 months ago
Chapter 3: Sanshu4 months ago
Chapter 2: Smithy4 months ago
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