Dragon Emperor Martial God Chapter 100

"You're not allowed to throw away the flowers I gave you! Or else Or else I'll bite you!" Xue Meining warned Ling Yun at the doorstep when they arrived at the Qingxi Villa District.

Ling Yun could not help but feel a bit of cold sweat forming on his forehead. What is going on with the beauties of Qingshui High? Why are all of them so used to biting nowadays?

"Don't worry, I'll put them in a vase and worship them. Is that alright with you?" Ling Yun replied, sniffing the flowers in an exaggerated manner as he smiled at her.

Xue Meining smiled in return before replying, "That's more like it! Ehm Tomorrow, I will be going over to your apartment to have a look, that's all for now, I'm going now. Bye."

All of a sudden, Xue Meining seemed to remember something. She dashed back to the side of the Hummer and yelled to Tang Meng who was in the car.

"Remember to tell Li Qingchuan about our relationship so that he can give up earlier. This lady here already has a boyfriend!" She even raised her clenched, tiny fist arrogantly at Tang Meng!

Tang Meng could only smile bitterly. Trapped between Ling Yun, Xue Meining and Li Qingchuan, all he could do was to resign himself to the punishment of being pushed around by them. After Xue Meining entered her house, Ling Yun returned to the Hummer. His right hand was holding the pink rose from Ning Lingyu and his left hand was holding the dark red rose from Xue Meining. He took turns smelling each flower from each hand as he boarded the Hummer.

Tang Meng started up the engine again and drove in the direction of Ling Yun's apartment.

"Boss, do you know martial arts?" Tang Meng blurted out after much hesitation while he drove. From how he saw it, Ling Yun's actions today were definitely not just due to his strength alone. In fact, both Ning Lingyu and Xue Meining had the same thought as him!

"Yeah, I do!" Ling Yun finally admitted. He knew that even if he could get away with excuses this time, he couldn't hide the matter forever. And since Tang Meng had already seen everything and was sure he knew martial arts, Ling Yun decided to admit it. After all, it was more convincing than telling him that he was, in fact, a cultivator, right?

Seeing how straightforward Ling Yun's answer was, Tang Meng could no longer hold back his excitement. He slapped his hand on his thigh as he spoke proudly.

"I knew it! I felt something the day I saw you fighting with Tu Gang! Never did I expect that it is just as I thought!"

Ling Yun nodded his head with a smile, once again reaffirming Tang Meng's thoughts.

"Boss, since you know martial arts, you must teach me a few moves. Or else I wouldn't be much help in a fight. How boring would that be?" Tang Meng exclaimed. That was the first thought that came to his mind.

Ling Yun nodded his head whimsically before speaking

"I don't mind teaching, but that depends on your aptitude. Only if I find you suitable will I teach you, otherwise, it would just be a waste of both of our time!"

"Tsk, boss, you shouldn't belittle me. See this physical body of mine? It's made for martial arts!" Tang Meng answered, full of confidence.

Ling Yun had already determined that Tang Meng's body constitution and nature was not suitable for self cultivation. However, he decided to keep this to himself for fear of hurting Tang Meng too much. He simply smiled without replying.

Indeed, just a simple excuse that he knew martial arts was enough to solve all problems. Tang Meng no longer pursued the matter anymore.

"But boss, how much are these two bags worth? They have to weigh at least five to six kilograms."

Other than martial arts, which countless youths were infatuated with, what interests him most was still money! Speaking of money, Ling Yun was feeling pretty good himself. Now that they were alone, Ling Yun no longer needed to keep up the act. He replied happily with a smile, "600 thousand dollars!"

"My God! 600 thousand dollars? That's too awesome. With this money, we can even go to the old antique trading market and join the stone gambling!

The moment he heard that Ling Yun had received 600 thousand dollars, Tang Meng's eyes lit up. He was imagining different ways to spend the money. However, true to his nature, the first thing that came to mind was still gambling.

In response, Ling Yun shook his head gently.

"That will have to wait. What I wish to buy right now is a house in the city for my mother. You saw that villa just now, right? How much does such a villa cost in the city?"

Tang Meng slammed on the brakes. Staring incredulously at Ling Yun he asked, "Boss, are you kidding me? You really intend to buy a villa here? Do you know how much a property here costs?"

"How much?"

"Boss, let me be frank with you. With the amount of money you have on hand, all you can buy here is a ten square meter piece of land! All of the villas here are at least two hundred square meters. In the QingXi Villa District, even the cheapest villa costs at least a million dollars!"

"That's indeed pretty expensive" Ling Yun replied as he nodded his head before continuing.

"That's why we have to rack our brains for ways to earn more money. Help me to think of ways to earn a million dollars in two month's time."

A million dollars in two months? With just the two of them? Tang Meng looked at Ling Yun who was earnestly trying to think of ways to earn that money. He almost went crazy!

He lighted a cigarette before restarting the engine.

"Boss, do you know about futures? If you use that 600 thousand dollars as capital to do futures trading, you might just earn a million dollars in two months if you're lucky!"

"What's that? I don't know!"

Tang Meng then asked again, "Then do you know how to gamble? I know a few underground dens. If you know how to gamble, I can bring you there. But nine out of ten of your opponents will be cheating. Unless you're confident that you'll win, it's best you don't go!"

"I have no such confidence!" Ling Yun replied.

Tang Meng was now silent. These were all that he could think of to earn quick money. After thinking for some time, he finally opened his mouth again.

"Then all that's left is to join the stone gambling! But I would advise you not to join since it's even more unreasonable and unreliable than gambling! At the very least, I know about gambling. As for stone gambling, forget about me, even many stone gamblers have a hard time making a good judgment. Some even end up losing all of their hard earned money!"

Tang Meng had only mentioned the idea on a whim. However, upon hearing it, Ling Yun's eyes lit up. Having already reached the mid-stage of Physique Tempering Stage Level 3, by absorbing sufficient spiritual energy tonight, he could reach the peak of the level. Once at that stage, he was sure that he would be able to detect any item with spiritual energy in the market with ease!

Rare treasures might not always hold spiritual energy, however, an item with spiritual energy would definitely be a rare treasure! When the time comes, Ling Yun was sure that, because no one knew the value the item held, they would surely sell it at a low price. After buying it at a low price and absorbing all the spiritual energy, he would then sell it. Wasn't that an ingenious money-making plan?!

Having come up with such a plan, Ling Yun was no longer worried about money. Yet, now, he heard Tang Meng asking questions again.

"Boss, other than martial arts, do you have other skills? If you know other skills, I might be able to come up with more ideas."

Other skills? Of course I do. Concocting pills, weapon arts, and even talisman crafting. Once I reach the Qi Cultivation Stage, these skills will be as easy as breathing! Oh, that's right, I have medical skills as well! How did I forget about that precious skill?

Thus he replied, "I can treat illnesses."

"Illnesses? What kind of illnesses?" Tang Meng asked. He could not help but feel that Ling Yun was overestimating himself. Just by reading those medical books in the boot of the car, he thinks he can treat illnesses? If that was so, you wouldn't be so poor in the first place!

"As long as the person isn't dead, I can treat most illnesses." Ling Yun answered nonchalantly.

Having reached the mid-stage of Physique Tempering Stage Level 3, Ling Yun could now easily transmit his spiritual energy into the needle. With his nine silver needles, there were few illnesses that he couldn't cure in this world.

Furthermore, he was only at the Physique Tempering Stage. Once he reached the Qi Cultivation Stage, using the Five Elemental God Acupuncture and the Five Elemental Vessel Seal, he could say with confidence that as long as the person still breathed, there was no injury or disease he couldn't cure!

Tang Meng laughed as he glanced at Ling Yun while holding his cigarette in his mouth.

"Can you cure mad cow disease as well?"

"Mad cow disease?" Ling Yun repeated with a puzzled expression.

"Boss, this time around, even though your boasting did not give the cows in Qingshui wings, it certainly was enough to make them crazy! That's why they have mad cow disease, hehe" Ling Yun laughed wickedly.

To be able to cure a person as long as he or she is not dead? What a good liar boss is. Even Xue Meining's grandfather, the 'Bian Que' of this era does not have such guts to make sure empty boasts! This boast is even bigger than the previous one about buying a villa and race cars!

"Screw off!" Ling Yun scolded. Here he was talking seriously and this brat was making a joke out of it. If Tang Meng was not driving, Ling Yun swore he would have given him a good kick.

"I'm serious. If you can find and bring a rich and sick person who's willing to fork out a large amount of money, I swear I'll cure him of his illness!" Ling Yun exclaimed to Tang Meng in a serious tone.

"Boss, are you serious? You can really treat illnesses?" Tang Meng asked once again, his face full of suspicions. Even for him, it was hard to believe that Ling Yun was saying the truth!

"Since you know Little Ning, you should her grandfather is an old Chinese doctor right? Haven't you ever thought about how I got to know Little Ning? Let me enlighten you. That's because I was the one who cured her grandfather of his illness!"

"Huh?!" Tang Meng yelled as he lost control of the steering wheel and stamped on the brakes as the Hummer went onto the curb.

"What?! Boss did you just say that you cured Doctor Xue of his illness?!" Tang Meng exclaimed in disbelief, his mouth agape, and his eyes widen. He was so shocked he had forgotten about taking care of his precious Hummer!

Ling Yun raised his hand, causing Tang Meng to instinctively shudder. Smiling, he replied, "Say, why are you making a big fuss out of everything? It's just treating illnesses, what's there to be shocked about?"

Of course! Of course there was an absolute need to make a big fuss! If what his boss said was true, it was a matter shocking enough for Tang Meng to even drive into the river! However, for this matter, Tang Meng's intuition told him that Ling Yun was telling the truth. After all, that would explain Xue Meining's behavior and loving attitude towards him! That being said, Tang Meng had to make sure Ling Yun knew what he was saying.

"Boss you said that you cured her grandfather of his illness, do you know who her grandfather is?"

In response, Ling Yun looked at Tang Meng as if he was looking at an idiot before replying.

"Of course I know, he's an old Chinese doctor whose medical skills are fairly decent"

An old Chinese doctor? Whose skills are fairly decent? Isn't boss a bit too arrogant? To give the number one miracle doctor of China such an appraisal!

Seeing Tang Meng's stunned expression, Ling Yun took out his leather needle pouch, unrolled it, and showed Tang Meng.

"Look, see for yourself. These gold needles and these silver needles, all these were given to me by Little Ning's grandfather. This is so that I can use them when I treat illnesses, now do you believe me?"

This time, Tang Meng was totally convinced! Even though he still did not know how Ling Yun knew both martial arts and medicine, that was no longer his top concern! He grabbed Ling Yun's hand, all agitated as he spoke.

"Boss, you should have told me this earlier! With your medical skills, we can forget about that bullsh*t stone gambling! I have many better money making schemes!"

Finding rich patients? China was home to a population of close to 1.4 billion people. It was overflowing with rich patients and none wanted to die! Tang Meng was so excited he had a hard time staying still. On their way home, he really almost crashed into the river from excitement!

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