Dragon Emperor Martial God Chapter 101

Once back in the apartment, Ling Yun and Tang Meng shifted all the books, clothing and luggage into the living room. Once done, Tang Meng dropped onto the sofa and shamelessly begged Ling Yun.

"Look, boss, it's already eleven, how about just letting me stay for the night?"

In Tang Meng's eyes, Ling Yun was now no different from a living treasure. Thus, he could not help but worry about what he would do if this treasure disappeared the next day!

Now, for Ling Yun's sake, forget about the Hummer, Tang Meng was even willing to sell his house! Not only did Ling Yun know martial arts, he could single-handedly tame more than a hundred fierce thugs that ruled the streets. Furthermore, he practiced medicine and was even able to cure the illness of China's number one miracle doctor, 'Sai Bianque'!

On their way to the apartment, Tang Meng had been asking himself repeatedly what kind of good karma did he incur in his previous life, to be able to become the subordinate of a boss like Ling Yun!

Back to the present.

"No! I'll be starting my revision for the entrance exams tonight. Besides, have you forgotten? Tomorrow, you'll still have to set up that gambling bet and rip Gou Junfa and Xie Junyan of their money! So you better get back home and think things through thoroughly!"

Of course, Ling Yun had to reject his request. Who was he kidding? Ling Yun had reached Physique Tempering Stage Level 3 under ridiculous circumstances today and he had not even had time to consolidate yet. If Tang Meng was to stay here, how was he supposed to train?

Due to the fortune that his immortal spiritual energy had started flowing today, he was able to break past his limits and reach Physique Tempering Stage Level 3, albeit being unprepared for it. Not to mention, he had even managed to reach the mid-stage. That being said, though he had reached that stage, his body still possessed insufficient spiritual energy.

At Physique Tempering Stage Level 3, the amount of spiritual energy that can be stored in the body is twice that of Level 2. This meant that currently, even if he did not activate the Dayan Great Star Technique, the spiritual energy within his body was no more than half the amount of what his current body could hold.

To make things worse, in order to accelerate his physique tempering, he had been keeping the Dayan Great Star Technique activated every second. Therefore, the spiritual energy inside him was, in fact, not even near half of his body's capacity!

Due to his desire to reach Physique Tempering Stage Level 4, Ling Yun wished to reach the peak of Physique Tempering Stage Level 3 as fast as possible. Hence, he had planned to go to the riverside tonight. There, he intended to use the spiritual energy from the Shichiyou herbs to stabilize his current level. Once stabilized, he would then start his training immediately to reach the peak of Physique Tempering Stage Level 3!

In addition, Ling Yun planned to use the night to inspect the mysterious fur brush that had absorbed most if his immortal spiritual energy. He also planned to try to use the brush for talisman crafting as well as spell crafting. Hence, with Tang Meng present, how was he supposed to do all that?

Seeing how Ling Yun had not forgotten about the gambling bet, Tang Meng could not help but ask.

"Boss, you have 600 thousand dollars now. Plus, you even possess such superb medical skills, so why do you still care about that gambling bet? Even if we win, we would only earn ten to twenty thousand dollars at most"

Ling Yun could not believe what just came out of Tang Meng's mouth. He looked at him incredulously as if he was an idiot.

"I must say, are you stupid or what? At most ten to twenty thousand dollars? That's still money, isn't it? Forget about ten to twenty thousand dollars, even if it's just one to two thousand dollars, we will still earn what we can!"

Leaving money making opportunities just because the returns were not great just wasn't Ling Yun's style! Ling Yun always followed the logic of following things through as long as it brought in money. He was not going to let a single cent get away from him!

Hearing that, Tang Meng could not help but grin to himself. A boss is a boss indeed. Always jumping at any chance to profit!

Tang Meng scratched his head as he pondered for a moment. Finally resigning, he stood up.

"Alright, I'll go back and think it through. With this plan, I'm sure those two idiots will surely have no choice but to give up their money obediently!"

Ling Yun smiled.

"That's more like it, we will earn big bucks and not leave out any small money as well. Don't forget you still owe me five thousand dollars!"

Tang Meng could not help but frown, he had thought that Ling Yun had forgotten all about his debt. Yet, to his surprise, Ling Yun still remembered it clearly.

"Okay, got it. I'll be returning now. Do you need me to fetch you to school tomorrow?"

Tang Meng did not dare to upset Ling Yun now. After all, to him, the Ling Yun now was just like a shining gold mine!

Ling Yun shook his head.

"There's no need for you to drive me to school on Monday. The apartment isn't that far from the school. I will just walk there. It's already past eleven. You should get going!"

Just as Tang Meng was getting ready to leave, he remembered Ning Lingyu's request. Thus, he passed Ling Yun the mobile card.

"Boss, this is the mobile number you gave Lingyu. She says she doesn't like it and told me to return it to you."

Ling Yun was dumbfounded. Lingyu doesn't like the mobile card? Such a good number and it even has 10000 dollars credit in it, what's there to not like about it?

Furthermore, Ling Yun clearly remembered that before going out for training yesterday, he had given his sister that mobile card. When she received it, she had been so happy that she had been jumping in delight!

She had been so happy about it. It has only been a day, what changed her mind?

Forget it, I'll ask her personally when I see her.

Ling Yun then raised his hand to take the card from Tang Meng. However, he found Tang Meng holding the card tight with his thumb and forefinger. He was making a painful expression at Ling Yun.

Ling Yun let out a sigh.

"Hey, brat, that's enough. Didn't I give you one as well? Now, let go!"

Tang Meng was now making puppy eyes at Ling Yun.

"Boss, my phone has a dual support function, so it can hold two cards"

Ling Yun was not going to have any of that sh*t. With brute strength, he snatched the card from Tang Meng before grinning to him.

"Okay, with that done, hurry up and leave. I'll return this card to Lingyu. Even if she doesn't want it, I can sell it for at least ten thousand dollars."

At his wit's end, Tang Meng could only bawl as he left. His expression was as if he had just turned bankrupt.

"This fella" Ling Yun said with a laugh as he shook his head while sending him off.

Once Tang Meng's car turned the corner and went out of sight, Ling Yun returned to the apartment. Using fifteen minutes, he tidied up all the items in the living room before leaving the apartment.

At that moment, it was already half past eleven. As the place was pretty remote, there were no longer any cars on the road. The place was abnormally quiet.

Looking all around him, Ling Yun finally realized how isolated this place was from the city. Thus, he could help but grin to himself. For the second time since his reincarnation, he used the Thousand Miles Godly Steps. Of course, this is only a name for a way of moving. It is equivalent to what most of China knows as Qing Gong.

As Ling Yun was only at Physique Tempering Stage Level 3, there was no way he could use the actual full Thousand Miles Godly Steps. However, this imitation of the actual technique still allowed him to be able to move at a faster speed as compared to usual. Like a bolt of lighting, he moved along the road, so fast that he left a trail of after images!

This was still just purely from foot movement since Ling Yun was still not able to control the flow of spiritual energy in his body. If Ling Yun were to reach Physique Tempering Stage Level 4 and become able to freely utilize the spiritual energy within his body, the Thousand Miles Godly Steps would be twice as fast!

Thus, within a minute, he arrived at the riverside.

This time, Ling Yun had learned his lesson. Yesterday, he had discovered a much more efficient method to exhaust the spiritual energy within him. Hence, tonight, he brought a duffel bag packed full of clean clothes, briefs, and even towels. Once at the riverside, Ling Yun removed all his clothes except for his briefs. He then jumped into the river.

In order to accelerate the depletion of the spiritual energy within him, Ling Yun started to run against the strong current! This was indeed an excellent method to exhaust one's spiritual energy. Sure enough, within half an hour, his body started to burn the spiritual energy within him to replenish his body's stamina.

Another half an hour passed and all the spiritual energy within Ling Yun had been depleted, he then pulled his fatigued body back to land and walked towards where he had placed his clothing.

Enduring the soreness in his muscles as well as his exhaustion, he dried himself with the towel. Once done, he changed into clean briefs and put his clothes back on.

"Wow, this method of depleting spiritual energy is much faster than running with a sandbag! Just that it looks a bit dumb!" Ling Yun spoke to himself mockingly as he walked to where the Shichiyou herbs were. As he took in the thick scent of spiritual energy emitted by the herbs, Ling Yun felt invigorated. Sitting beside the herbs, Ling Yun's legs were crossed and he was in meditating position with palms facing the sky as he began his training.

Because he had already reached Physique Tempering Stage Level 3, he took twice the amount of time to absorb the maximum amount of spiritual energy. Only when he reached his maximum capacity did Ling Yun stop and start his physique tempering to reach the peak of level three.

Rising from the mid-stage of Physique Tempering Stage Level 3 to its peak was just a small gap, not requiring any limit breaking. Therefore, it was comparably easier than yesterday.

Time flew past and at half past two in the night, Ling Yun successfully reached the peak. Even though he did not go to the next level, he could already feel the change in the spiritual energy within him. The feeling was indescribable. If one was to put it in words, it would be similar to housing thousands of warriors within one's body, all sharpening their swords for battle. With a single command, they would rain down devastation on the enemy.

Thus, Ling Yun could feel a large amount of power welling up inside him. He could feel the stirring of the large amount of spiritual energy within his body. And he knew that even though he was still unable to manipulate the flow of spiritual energy within his body, he was able to use up spiritual energy much more effortlessly now.

Just by using a bit of his stamina, be it through use of the Thousand Miles Godly Steps or moving with a heavy weight, the spiritual energy within is body would now flow out easily, allowing him to use it freely. There was no longer any need for him to work himself to the same extreme level of fatigue each time. This was because he was only a paper thin gap away from reaching Physique Tempering Stage Level 4!

Once he reaches Physique Tempering Stage Level 4, his self-cultivation would take an exponential leap! Furthermore, at level 4, he would be able to freely manipulate his spiritual energy, allowing him to meditate. Hence, he would be able to refine his flesh with the spiritual energy!

At that point in time, his physique tempering would progress at an absurdly fast rate. So fast that his current method of absorbing and depleting spiritual energy repeatedly would seem stupid in comparison.

As Ling Yun stood up, he could feel his bones crackling like beans throughout his whole body. This was because the large amount of spiritual energy was flowing through every part of his body, giving him an explosive amount of energy. Upon feeling that, an attractive and confident smile appeared on his face.

Finally, he had reached the peak of Physique Tempering Stage Level 3!

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