Dragon Marked War God Chapter 2280

Chapter 2280 The Ancient Dragon City That Coexists With The World

On the foot of Deer Mourn Mountain, within the sect.

Xuan Qingmings expression was extremely serious as he stood in front.

Today, I will lead you guys to the Linhe Boundary. Three disciples of the outer sect and ten from the inner sect. In this period of time, the Great Elder will handle every matter with regards to the sect, those who oppose shall be punished according to the sect rules. Xuan Qingming said coldly.

Understood, Yan Jun said with vigour.

Everyone became silent, the Great Elder will take over the sect temporarily, and nobody shall nor dare to doubt his abilities and authority.

Yan Jun looked at Jiang Chen coldly. Luckily you manage to enter the Secret Hidden Realm, otherwise, youre dead for sure.

Where are the inner sect disciples? An azure-robed man said coldly.

This is the big brother of the inner sect, Pan Hong. Hes a Mid True God, hes on par with some of the elders too. Bai Yunfei said quietly.

Pretty strong. Jiang Chen slightly nodded, to become the big brother of the inner sect is definitely not easy.

Pan Hong looked at Jiang Chen and the others. He then nodded towards Xuan Qingming as all the people were present.

Jiang Chen did not expect to see two familiar faces from the inner sect members.

Inner Sect, No. 7. Man Shuai.

Man Shuai looked at Jiang Chen. His current position in the sect was all thanks to the breakthrough that he had achieved previously. Hes not a simple half-step True God and his battle strength was nothing to scoff at.

Man Shuai felt quite grateful towards Jiang Chen. The Hidden Secret Realm only opens every hundred years, if he did not manage to enter it this time, hell never be able to enter the training ground where talented people gather. This chance was all thanks to Jiang Chen.

Outer sect No. 2, youre not what you seem. Haha. I thought so.

Man Shuai patted Jiang Chens shoulder and said. That terrifying strength an average disciple wouldve crumbled from the pat alone.

Not bad. Brother Man. Haha, you too have improved greatly.

It is all thanks to you. If it wasnt for your Daybreak Pill. I wouldve stagnated in the Peak Mid Void God realm for god knows how many years. Most importantly, I was able to get a spot to enter the Hidden Secret Realm this time, I do not know how to repay this

Man Shuai was an emotional man, the favor he received from Jiang Chens Daybreak pill will forever be remembered by him.

Youre being too polite, Brother Man.

Im the Inner sect, No. 9, Wang Chongyang. Hahaha. Wang Chongyang looked at Jiang Chen with a bright smile.

I have a whole new level of respect towards you. The current me is not your match anymore. Jiang Chen shrugged.

Wang Chongyang wanted to rob Jiang Chens nameplate in the past but was beaten by him, however Jiang Chen did not kill him, allowing Wang Chongyang to have the current result he has now.

Rest assured. After this journey, I will certainly challenge you again if we manage to come back alive. Wang Chongyang proudly said.

His strength was obvious, this secretive fellow trained hard for several months and defeated the inner sect number 9 and gained the opportunity to join this expedition.

I shall wait for that day to come. Jiang Chen smiled.

Ready up. I will lead you guys to the Linhe Boundary. Xuan Qingming said.

This is the sects teleportation formation? Jiang Chen was slightly shocked.

Yes. This teleportation formation was built several thousand years ago by our sects old ancestor and it took hundreds of years to complete. We could reach the Ancient Dragon City of the Linhe Boundary from here, the biggest city in the Linhe Boundary. Yang Jian said quietly.

At this moment, Xuan Qingming waved his palm and pushed everyone into the centre of the formation. Several tens of thousands of high-grade divine origin stones were then thrown into the formation and a bright light emerged from it. Everyone gasped, including Jiang Chen, after seeing the tremendous amount of divine origin stone required to activate the formation. Nobody would be willing to use this formation if it wasnt for the void transfer.

Jiang Chen could see that even the Sect Lord felt somewhat pained. Several tens of thousands of high-grade divine origin stones. This was even enough to move a Heavenly God expert.

This is way too extravagant. Bai Yunfei sighed but his eyes sparkled nonetheless.

Because this journey will be the greatest ordeal in their life, no one knows whether they could come back alive as there was only a 10% survival rate. Those who managed to survive the ordeal will become Linhe Boundarys Lone Dragon Countys peerless experts. The unfortunate ones will become the stepping stone for these people and forever remain in the Hidden Secret Realm and become fertilizers.

Everyone knew that after today, itll possibly be goodbye forever. A 10% chance of survival rate but those who were able to walk out with their lives will certainly have their names known throughout the realm.

But who is willing to let go of this opportunity? The gains they could obtain from the year-long trial in the Hidden Secret Realm was unimaginable.

Death was not scary, whats scary was to have a life of mediocrity. Hence, everyone would bet their lives to get a chance to enter the Hidden Secret Realm. That was the strength of belief, nobody wanted to live a life of mediocrity. A true expert will have to step on countless corpses to reach the height of their lives.

Quiet down. The formation is activating. Xuan Qingming said.

The formation activated, and suddenly, a bright light emerged. Everyone held their breath and disappeared from the spot after nine revolutions.

Yue Er held onto Ling Yuns palm with teary eyes.

Big Brother left without saying goodbye to me. Yue Er said quietly, pouting as if she was wronged.

Is that place dangerous? Big Sis. Yue Er looked up to Ling Yun innocently.

Its not dangerous. Your Big Brother will certainly come back and after he comes back, both of us will leave this place. Ling Yun said softly after Jiang Chen disappeared into the eye of the formation.

Her expression was somewhat lonely. But she believed that a mere Hidden Secret Realm could not stop Jiang Chen.

Do not make me look down on you.

Alright. I will see Big Brother come back alive.

Yue Er turned and held back her tears. Shes young but shes not stupid. Her Big Brother will surely face great danger, but she cant do anything about it, she cant follow him as shell only be a burden for him.

Yue Er silently vowed: I will proudly stand beside you one day in the future. I will protect you, Big Brother.

Ancient Dragon City had existed for god knows how many aeons. Five thousand years? Five hundred thousand years? No one knows. It existed along with the creation of the Linhe Boundary.
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