Dragon Marked War God Chapter 2281

Chapter 2281 The Humiliation That Happened A Hundred Years Ago

Ancient Dragon City could be considered as the biggest city in the entire Linhe Boundary. The city was around a hundred thousand miles large with hundreds and thousands of cultivators. Its said that the lord of the city was a Divine King expert who managed to suppress all the surrounding barbarians and monsters. There was no one who would dare to make any trouble within the city. If there was really any trouble, it would be solved in the arena.

The cultivators here were from across the entire Linhe Boundary. The citys prosperity was higher than any other place. True God experts were ubiquitous and Heavenly God experts were not rare at all. The opening of Hidden Secret Realm definitely would attract countless experts because what they could bring out of that place would definitely cause chaos among the public.

Its hectic here.

Jiang Chen looked around the city and it looked the same with the Immortal World. However, the people here obviously were much stronger, none of them weak. There were a lot of vendors and potters around. The prosperity of Ancient Dragon City was built up by hundreds and thousands of people here.

This is the Eastern Suburb of Ancient Dragon City. Three days later, we are going to enter the Hidden Secret Realm through here. Before that, we have to go to the Sect Alliance of Linhe Boundary. There would be hundreds of sect alliances. We have to get our name plate there to enter the Hidden Secret Realm, Xuan Qingming said.

During this period of time, no one should make any trouble. If you really offend any great figure here, I am afraid that the Sect Lord could not help you at all. I hope that we dont make any mistakes in this journey of entering the Hidden Secret Realm.

Yo, isnt this the lord of Profound Feng Sect. Its so early for you to be here. From what I remember a hundred year ago, your Profound Feng Sect was annihilated and no one came out from the Hidden Secret Realm. But youre sending people in again? Hehe.

A strange cold voice appeared next to Xuan Qingming. In front of the Sect Alliance, many experts were gathered around and all of them were the outstanding disciples from their own sects.

Li Shuangqiang, I never expect that your mouth is still so stinky. Didnt Giant Hawk Sect also get annihilated except for one person that time? What are you so proud of? Do you really think that I would be afraid of you? Xuan Qingming said with a deep voice.

Jiang Chen and others were stunned for a moment because they never know about a story like this. A hundred years ago, Profound Feng Sect was annihilated and no one walked out from the Hidden Secret Realm alive. This indicated how terrifying the Hidden Secret Realm was. The person who was able to walk out alive must be a true expert.

Having a survivor is not bad. Right now, Lin Feng has already become an Heavenly God elder in my sect. Haha.

Li Shuangqiang said proudly as it was still better than the Profound Feng Sect that was completely wiped out.

I hope that you can still remain so calm in the end. I also hope that you wont suffer annihilation this time, Xuan Qingming said coldly.

Of course I wont as you wished. This time my Giant Hawk Sect has produced many geniuses. Xuan Qingming, lets see.

Li Shuangqiang brought fifteen disciples and walked into the Sect Alliance with an overbearing prestige.

Bai Yunfei snorted coldy and said, This man is really irritating.

Wang Chongyang shrugged and added, Yes. I hope that we wont suffer annihilation this time

Definitely not. We have Jiang Chen here, he definitely can sweep away all the obstacles. Bai Yunfei waved his hand and said.

Senior Bai, if you dont talk, no one will treat you as a mute.

Jiang Chen glanced at Bai Yunfei.

Wang Chongyang was also grateful for Jiang Chens kindness but he was also very competitive. That was why he saw Jiang Chen as his strongest opponent.

At the moment, no one dared to say too much because Xuan Qingmings face looked extremely serious. What Li Shuangqiang said just now made him feel very uncomfortable. The experience a hundred years ago had indeed humiliated him. Because of that, the number of people who are allowed to enter Hidden Secret Realm was now reduced by two. Even a sect like Giant Hawk Sect had fifteen quotas.

It has been a long time, Qingming. Haha.

Thanks for greeting, Second Elder.

He smiled and said. Xuan Qingming gave a slight bow to the middle-aged man who was walking in the hall.

Just relax. Will Profound Feng Sect surprise us this time after a hundred years later? Haha.

Ren Yuanzi said with a smile. He was the Second Elder of the Heavenly Star Sect and his battle strength was unpredictable. Compared to Xuan Qingming, he was at a realm higher.

Were ashamed. Hope that we can get a good ranking and not be like last time. If this time we suffer again Sigh.

Xuan Qingming shook his head and heaved a sigh.

Dont think about it, this time we have the strength of four different sects. There wont be any problem. Liu Quanchao, meet the Lord of Profound Sect.

Greetings, Lord of Profound Sect.

A young man who had curly hair bowed down lightly.

This is the number-one disciple of my sect. His cultivation realm has reached the peak of Late True God. He might be even one of the best genius disciples in the entire Linhe Boundary.

When Ren Yuanzi looked at Liu Quanchao, he was filled with the colour of pride. Although Xuan Qingming knew that Ren Yuanzi was not someone who loved showing off, he still felt a bit uncomfortable when knowing about such an excellent disciple. Even though Profound Feng Sect and Heavenly Star Sect were brother-sects, their strength and competence were at very different levels.

I am Liu Quanchao. This time I will definitely not disappoint our brothers and I will make sure all of the brothers are safe.

Liu Quanchaos words were full of confidence. Jiang Chen and others nodded their heads lightly. This man was really formidable and even Jiang Chen shivered for a bit. The ten major sects in the Linhe Boundary were really full of outstanding experts. Although Xuan Qingming was very strong, Ren Yuanzi, a Second Elder, was even more superior than him. Now they realised that the experts on the outside world were so astonishing. Behind Liu Quanchao, there were twenty four disciples at least at the Mid True God Realm following him. In terms of strength, they were all comparable with Pan Hong, the number-one disciple of Profound Feng Sect.

Among the twenty five disciples, there was one young lady who was wearing purple clothes. Her face looked elegant but cold. She had attracted everyones attention, but she remained uninterested. Even Yang Jian and Bai Yunfei could not help looking at that purple-clothed lady with affection.

I am really envious of Heavenly Star Sect as its full of genius and experts. Hehe. Xuan Qingming said.

I, Old Ancestor Di Long, is here. Haha.

The Great Elder of the Earthly Hades Sect, Old Ancestor Di Long walked in with bright laughter. There were eighteen disciples following him and each of them looked very formidable. They were not as strong as the disciples of Heavenly Star Sect, but they were still extremely outstanding. The first disciple who took the lead obviously was also an expert of Late True God Realm. The weakest disciple was an Early True God.

You always swagger, Ren Yunzi said faintly.
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