Dragon Marked War God Chapter 2282

Chapter 2282 Divine Pill Sec

Dont find me annoying, Ren Yuanzi. Last time, we held our position to speak by showing our competence. When would be the turn for our Earthly Hades Sect to be the leader in this sect alliance? Hahaha.

The old ancestor of Earthly Hades Sect said while laughing in a cunning way, but he did not seem hostile to the Profound Feng Sect.

Xuan Qingming smiled and said, Brother of Earthly Hades Sect, how are you doing?

I am doing well. Why hasn't Mu Tianen been here yet? Will the Yellow Flame Sect going to disband soon? Haha.

As soon as Old Ancestor Di Long finished his words, a thin middle-aged man who was in a yellow robe walked towards them slowly. Thirteen young man followed behind him. The disciple who took the lead was the Jiang Hao who had encountered Jiang Chen before. Unexpectedly, they met each other again here.

You, this old man, do you really wish that I am absent? Mu Tianen smiled coldly and said.

Jiang Hao and Jiang Chen exchanged a glance while having the urge to fight. Although Jiang Chen had defeated Jiang Hao in terms of alchemy, Jiang Hao was not afraid of Jiang Chen at all in terms of strength.

Mu Tianen looked at the disciples behind Xuan Qingming and asked, Who is Jiang Chen?

Old Mu, are you ignoring my existence?

Xuan Qingming smiled coldly.

Mu Tianen replied calmly, I just want to know who managed to concoct the Supreme Grade Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill.

At this moment, no matter if it was Old Ancestor Di Long or Ren Yuanzi, they all opened their eyes wide and became solemn. They had heard of the Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill. No ordinary alchemist would be able to make a Supreme Grade Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill. Even the master of the alchemists might not be confident in concocting this grade of medicinal pill. More importantly, Jiang Chen concocted the pill with the herbs that Jiang Hao threw away. Mu Tianen found it really unbelievable after hearing this from Jiang Hao.

You said that someone from their sect is able to concoct a Supreme Grade Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill? Old Ancestor Di Long asked with his shocked face.

Thats right. Xuan Qingming knows this the best, replied Mu Tianen.

I am Jiang Chen. I was just lucky. It is not easy to concoct the Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill. I dont think I can make it again.

Jiang Chen smiled with humility. Under the gaze of Old Ancestor Di Long, Mu Tianen and many other disciples curiosity, Jiang Chen remained calm and relaxed. However, not many of them actually cared about Jiang Chen because his cultivation realm of Late Void God Realm was indeed too weak. They could simply kill him without much effort.

Wheres the pill? Wheres it right now? I am willing to buy it from you. Give me a price, young man, Old Ancestor Di Long said in a serious manner.

The potency of a Supreme Grade Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill was so good that even well-known outstanding alchemists of the Earthly Hades Sect and the Heavenly Star Sect would not have the confidence to make it. It might not be that difficult for them to concoct a High Grade Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill but it wouldnt be very useful for the Heavenly God experts like Old Ancestor Di Long.

*Cough* *Cough* Xuan Qingming cleared his throat and said, I have eaten it.

You Sigh. Nevermind. Why are you so greedy

Old Ancestor Di Long felt very regretful. Why wasnt Jiang Chen a disciple of his sect? Jiang Chen was still very young but he managed to concoct a Supreme Grade Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill. Its really astonishing. No wonder his cultivation realm was so low, it must be because he had spent all of his effort on concocting medicinal pills.

Jiang Chen became a popular guy in the four major sects right now but it was still very embarrassing because his cultivation realm was indeed not that glamorous.

Old Ancestor Di Long then said with some hope, If you still have the Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill, please keep one for me.

I really dont have it anymore. Sorry, old ancestor.

Jiang Chen smiled while feeling sorry.

Hahaha. Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill? This young kid is able to concoct the Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill, really? Its interesting. It is the first time I, Jiang Chenzi, have heard of this. You havent even reached the True God Realm, but youve dared to say so. If you still have any Supreme Grade Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill, I would want it all.

A bearded man said and laughed coldly while showing disdain to Jiang Chen.

Ren Yuanzi said coldly, Why are you here, you are people of the Divine Pill Sect.

Hahaha, I just want to let you know that you are too naive. Even the genius alchemist in our Divine Pill Sect only managed to produce a Low Grade

Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill once. Do you really think that its so easy to concoct a pill like this? Haha. A young kid managed to cheat you all. If you really have this talent, we wouldnt hesitate to keep you as our disciple.

Jiang Chenzi looked cold and he kept sneering.

Who do you think you are? What kind of place is your Divine Pill Sect? Who wants to go there?

Jiang Chen said proudly, making everyone hold their breath because they thought that Jiang Chen was too ignorant to say something like that. Many people of the outer sect started surrounding them. What kind of place is the Divine Pill Sect? It was the number-three sect in the entire Linhe Boundary. Not to say the number of the expers, almost half of their disciples knew how to concoct medicinal pills. It was the place considered as the heaven of concocting medicinal pills and Immortal Grade Alchemists were there.

An alchemist would be considered as Supreme Grade Alchemist if his success rate was above fifty percent. So did an Immortal Grade Alchemist.

Being a High Grade Alchemist was not difficult. But, he would still need supreme talent. In the entire Divine Pill Sect, there were more than thousands of High Grade Alchemists, whereas, Profound Feng Sect only had Lin Zhongqiang and Gu Wanfeng. Lin Zhongqing could only concoct high grade medicinal pills. The success rate for him to concoct a supreme grade pill was lower than ten percent.

There were around thirty Supreme Grade Alchemists in the Divine Pill Sect, but the Sect Lord and the Great Elder had the skills that could be considered the true Immortal Grade Alchemist. Being the Seventh Elder in the Divine Pill Sect, Jiang Chengzi only reached the level of Supreme Grade Alchemist. However, he could not concoct all kinds of pills at a fifty percent success rate. For example, he could not make the Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill at this success rate. The level of difficulty of concocting the Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill could be considered as one of the highest of the supreme grade medicinal pills.

In other words, it meant that even Jiang Chengzi was not sure that he could concoct a Supreme Grade Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill. That was why he felt that Jiang Chen was just bragging and cheating. If there was a supreme genius like him, then its only reasonable that Divine Pill Sect should keep him as a disciple. Meanwhile, there were many people who wanted to enter Divine Pill Sect in the entire Linhe Boundary.

Its okay that you dont know about other sects but you must know about an extraordinary existence like the Divine Pill Sect. Even the number-one Clear Stream Sect and the Ghost Eye Sect would not want to offend Divine Pill Sect.

Who is he? Such an arrogant man. If I had the chance to enter the Divine Pill Sect, I would put my utmost effort to enter it.

Thats right. Hes too haughty. However, it doesnt seem like he is unwilling to enter. I guess its because his cultivation realm is too low. Haha.

There are always people who love to curry favours with the public. Hehe. Seems like the people of Divine Pill Sect are here as well. Were going to have a good show today.
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