Dragon Marked War God Chapter 2283

Chapter 2283 Divine Tool As The Stake

More and more people gathered around Jiang Chen. The front of the Sect Alliance became crowded . Since the Divine Pill, Heaven, Earthly, Profound and Yellow Flame sects were all here, everyone was interested in finding out what was going on.

A white-clothed man came forward and said coldly, Such an arrogant attitude. Who do you think you are to humiliate my Divine Pill Sect? Youre shameless.

I do not despise your sect, but your sect is really worthless as it cant even produce a Supreme Grade Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill. How come do you still dare to brag here? Jiang Chen replied coldly.

Ren Yuanzi, Old Ancestor Di Long, Xuan Qingming and others were all stunned for a while because what Jiang Chen said had really offended the entire Divine Pill Sect but he seemed to not really care at all.

Are you really able to make it?

The white-clothed man shouted in a deep voice.

Jiang Chen laughed out loud and said, I guess you are out of your mind. If I cant make it, why would I tell you all of these?

Alright. What a sharp-mouthed boy. How about we have a contest now? Whoever loses will be the little puppy, Li Yanchao was angry and challenged Jiang Chen.

You are childish, arent you? If you want to have a contest, how about we show our true colours and do our best? If so, then we should do something really exciting, right?

Jiang Chens words amused everyone because it was right that they were not kids anymore who just called another one a puppy if one of them lost. They were all adults who should act like adults.

Jiang Chenzi stood out at this moment and gave Li Yanchao a glance. He was the number-three genius disciple in the entire Divine Pill Sect. His strength has already reached the Late True God Realm and his skill in alchemy was also mystically terrifying. He was not less formidable than any top disciples of the ten major sects in the Linhe Boundary.

Jiang Chengzi asked purposely, Are you confident? Li Yanchao.

Without any difficulty.

Alright, then you will take over this matter.

Jiang Chengzi was full of confidence because he knew that it was just a piece of cake for Li Yanchao to defeat Jiang Chen. Li Yanchao would let everyone know the formidability of Divine Pill Sect.

Ren Yuanzi and Xuan Qingming exchanged a glance while others were quite speechless. Xuan Qingming actually did not know whether Jiang Chen was confident in this contest at all. In fact, Jiang Chen was too reckless for not realizing that the opponents were from Divine Pill Sect, instead of Yellow Flame Sects Jiang Hao. The gap between them was not small at all, in terms of strength.

He is indeed reckless, but his courage is admirable. If he could really concoct a Supreme Grade Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill, the Divine Pill Sect will definitely be humiliated and lose all of their dignity. Then they wont be so arrogant in the future. Because of their skill in alchemy, the people of Divine Pill Sect have always looked down upon others and made everyone pay respect to them. I have been sick of this attitude of theirs since a long time ago.

Ren Yuanzi smiled faintly. Although Jiang Chen was not a disciple of his Heaven Star Sect, he actually had a positive impression on this guy.

So daring to say something like this that despises the Divine Pill Sect. Its the first time I've seen someone like him in over hundreds of years. Hahaha. Its blunt! But I like it. If he can concoct a Heavenly Fire Great Rejuvenating Pill that suits me, that would be the best. Haha.

Old Ancestor Di Long squinted his eyes while also very curious about the result.

If he can really defeat the people of Divine Pill Sect, then I wont be that angry anymore.

Mu Tianen smiled and then glanced at Jiang Hao.

What do you think? Do you think he can win?

Not sure. I guess he has a fifty-fifty chance. Jiang Chen is not from Divine Pill Sect, but his skill in alchemy is also mystically terrifying. At least, I am not a match for him. I am much inferior.

Jiang Hao lowered his head. Although being the outstanding alchemist of Yellow Flame Sect, he was actually unable to defeat Jiang Chen in any way at all. However, Jiang Hao did not feel shameful at all because theres nothing bad about losing. What was the worst was that you did not admit your limitation when you have already lost.

If Jiang Chen could defeat the people from Divine Pill Sect, then both Mu Tianen or Xuan Qingming would be extremely happy. Everyone knew how strong the Divine Pill Sect was. Of course they would not bully anyone with violence at this moment, but they would leave a heavy blow on them using their skill in alchemy. Winning over others without using violence was even more overbearing.

Li Yanchaos strength and skill were extremely powerful, otherwise, Jiang Chengzi would not be so relaxed right now.

Someone is really ignorant as he dares to challenge the Divine Pill Sect. In the entire Linhe Boundary, perhaps no one can defeat them in terms of alchemy. Their status is unshakable. Doesnt he know about this?

Thats right. Hes really that ignorant. So we cant help him as well.

Im speechless. This man is definitely crazy and stupid. Challenging the Divine Pill Sects skill in alchemy is nothing different from jumping into a trap.

Lets see.

Jiang Chen had become the focus of attention at this moment, but nobody thought that he could defeat Li Yanchao. One should know that Li Yanchao was well-known for his skill in alchemy which was comparable to some of the elders in the Divine Pill Sect. That was why Jiang Chengzi was extremely confident in him.

Tell me what is at stake?

Li Yanchao looked at Jiang Chen.

My stake is a piece of Divine Tool.

As soon as Jiang Chen finished his words, he took out a piece of Divine Tool. At this moment, everyone took a cold breath and Xuan Qingming was even stunned. Wasnt this guy being too luxurious? It was very unexpected that he had a Divine Tool. Was that given by Ling Yun? This guy has so many secrets.

He came out with a Divine Tool. Your disciple really surprised us, Qingming.

Ren Yunzi smiled. Being the Second Elder of the Heaven Star Sect, he was not envious of Jiang Chens Divine Tool. However, he was quite shocked by the formidableness of the Divine Tool. It was very attractive to Heavenly God experts.

Good guy. Youre quite interesting. I guess his personality had dumbfounded the people here. In a flash, he took out a piece of Divine Tool. Such an overbearing, imposing personality. Hahaha.

Old Ancestor Di Long nodded.

The Divine Tool in Jiang Chens hand was some weapon that he had refined in the past during his leisure time. Its quality hasnt even reached the supreme grade but it truly is a piece of Divine Tool. Hence, it was still quite attractive to Heavenly God experts. Of course, it was even startling to those True Void experts.

No one dared to underestimate Jiang Chen anymore as he was too overbearing by taking out a Divine Tool as his stake.

Alright! Tell me what do you want?

Li Yanchaos eyes shone while staring at Jiang Chens Divine Tool.

The formula to cure an injury of a Divine Soul. It must be a formula that is suitable to cure an expert at the Heavenly God Realm and above, answered Jiang Chen faintly.

He did have some normal medicinal pill formulas but they were not useful to Ling Yuns injury. Soul Stabilising Pill wasnt that effective to her anymore.

Thats all?

Jiang Chengzi was stunned for a while. Although the formula for curing an injury of a Divine Soul was valuable, it was not as valuable as the Divine Tool.
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