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Dream Star summary:

After successfully becoming the top idol and surpassing her sister. Terashima Lila sets of on a journey to find it, on that stage, she felt it. Something was missing. A missing piece. One dream has been fulfilled, but if one dream ends, another is sure to begin.Last year. I want to be with you.That persons words remained fixed in her mind, as her journey leads her to the city where h...

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Dream Star Chapters

Time uploaded
752 I Love You23 hrs ago
751 Fragmen23 hrs ago
747 Theorya week ago
746 Wisha week ago
738 Deala week ago
735 Worrya week ago
728 For Youa week ago
727 Once Againa week ago
716 He Can Waia week ago
714 Cant Riska week ago
713 Fed Upa week ago
651 Seeda week ago
644 Mistakea week ago
638 Irritationa week ago
628 Normala week ago
626 So Selfisha week ago
624 An Idioa week ago
623 Weirda week ago
618 Winter Gifa week ago
610 Rescuea week ago
607 Studya week ago
604 Too Latea week ago
603 A Reasona week ago
601 Missed Youa week ago
588 The Besa week ago
577 Reuniona week ago
576 Not Cryinga week ago
575 No Needa week ago
571 Not Enougha week ago
569 Let Me Goa week ago
568 So Happya week ago
567 Forevera week ago
553 Get A Gripa week ago
541 Attentivea week ago
531 Reala week ago
530 I Remembera week ago
527 Trusa week ago
524 Pathetica week ago
523 So Tireda week ago
519 Attemptsa week ago
515 Set Upa week ago
514 Similara week ago
512 Actinga week ago
511 The Plana week ago
507 Im Lonelya week ago
506 Fearsa week ago
505 Exposeda week ago
500 Right Herea week ago
497 Questionsa week ago
496 Minea week ago
495 Angel 2033a week ago
494 Gift 2033a week ago
482 So Be Ia week ago
481 Peacefula week ago
479 Rosea week ago
477 Ponderinga week ago
474 Slavea week ago
472 My Girl P2a week ago
471 My Girl P1a week ago
470 Start Overa week ago
469 Bad Habia week ago
467 Conflica week ago
464 The Samea week ago
463 Routinea week ago
457 Your Storya week ago
445 Jealousa week ago
441 For Youa week ago
437 Familya week ago
436 Raw Talena week ago
432 Nervousa week ago
429 Threaa week ago
427 Stepsa week ago
423 Targea week ago
421 Honestya week ago
420 Effortsa week ago
416 Reminiscea week ago
408 Sweea week ago
404 Protecteda week ago
401 Gifa week ago
400 Once Againa week ago
399 Even Nowa week ago
395 Ignorancea week ago
394 Seducea week ago
392 Naturala week ago
390 Bullya week ago
388 How Stupida week ago
387 Strengtha week ago
386 Mothera week ago
385 Brothera week ago
384 Talka week ago
383 Iwa Kasumia week ago
382 Predictiona week ago
380 Disputea week ago
378 Compromisea week ago
377 Setupa week ago
369 Wonderinga week ago
359 Girl Talka week ago
353 Cook Offa week ago
350 Differencea week ago
340 Im Copinga week ago
332 Kissa week ago
330 Hella week ago
325 Messagea week ago
324 Roada week ago
323 Dreama week ago
320 Trusa week ago
305 Dressesa week ago
304 Phone Calla week ago
293 Warninga week ago
290 Talka week ago
283 Uneasea week ago
277 A Bad Jokea week ago
275 Why?a week ago
249 Staya week ago
221 Resolvea week ago
220 I Love Youa week ago
79 Blank 11a week ago
78 Blank 10a week ago
76 Blank 8 Edia week ago
75 Blank 7a week ago
74 Blank 6a week ago
72 Blank 4 Edia week ago
71 Blank 3 Edia week ago
70 Blank 2 Edia week ago
69 Blank 1 Edia week ago
14 Kindness 8a week ago
13 Kindness 7a week ago
12 Kindness 6a week ago
10 Kindness 4a week ago
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