Dream Star Chapter 745

740 I Want You To Understand


When they tried to book a room unfortunately it was already fully booked. Rikka asked for an extra bed to be put in her room, but even the extra beds were out. It would be awkward for him to sleep next to Lila with Rikka around so he offered to sleep on the couch while the two went to bed. Right now his wife was having a shower alone but Haruka stayed near the door.

"Are you alright in there?" Haruka asked. "Should I--?"

"N--o!!" Lila exclaimed. "Stay outside!"

Haruka looked at the door worriedly. Is she fine? It must hurt to take a bath when she has that many bruises. His thoughts broke off when Rikka placed a drink in front of him. "I cant--"

"It only has small alcohol content." Rikka replied drily. "You need a break."

"Well, that's true." Haruka picked up the cup and drank it in one go. It felt refreshing drinking alcohol after so long.

"Is there something wrong with her?"

"Yeah, she got hurt and doesn't want me to see her injuries." Haruka sighed. "Honestly, she is far too reckless."

"If she is hurt, how did you two do it?"

He blinked when he heard that question. "Uh.."

"I guess your capable of touching her even when she is injured."

"Wait, I think you have the wrong idea. I haven't done it with Lila in like months now."

Rikka raised her eyebrow. "Huh? What?"

"I made a deal with her parents." Haruka quickly explained. "You know, not touch her."

At that comment Rikka scolded him. "Are you an idiot or something? I understand her parents concern, but she is already your wife."

"Well yeah but she really is unhealthy."

"It's not like having sex will make a difference. If she is poorly anyway, a bit more physical activity won't endanger her too much. Or rather," Rikka trailed off and sighed. "I don't think the Terashima couple wanted you to stop touching her. You got the wrong idea."

Haruka looked at Rikka dumbly. What is she talking about? He made a mistake? It never occured to him that Lila's parents meant something else. After all didn't they say it directly?

"But, if your like that you must be very pent up."

His thoughts broke off when he felt Rikka's lips on the zipper of his pants. Haruka blinked when did she get down there? "Hey!!!" He snapped. "Don't do that."

She slowly undoes the zipper, "It's getting big though. I thought I would help relieve you a little."

His gaze dimmed and he grabbed hold of her arm and dragged her up. "Don't do that with me. I told you already. The one thing I hate the most is seducing."

Before Rikka could reply, somebody shoved Rikka away from him. Rikka landed on the ground with a thud. He turned to the source and saw an angry looking wife.

"Stay away from my Haruka!!" Lila said childishly.

He chuckled amused. "Come here sweetheart."

Lila pouted but tackled him into a hug. "Hey, hey, your hair is still wet."

"I thought something like this would happen. But you pushed her away, so you get a reward." She brushed her lips against his.

"Mmm, this is nice."

He looked towards Rikka who was simply stating at them. 'I feel kind of bad.' Haruka whispered something in Lila's ear. She seemed reluctant but nodded. He walked over to Rikka and extended his hand out.

Rikka accepted it and turned away. "I will sleep on the couch in the next room, you two stay here." With those words said she swiftly left the bedroom.

Haruka sighed deeply. 'I guess this will be harder to fix than I originally thought.' Still, Haruka turned to his wife who walked over to the dressing table. She looked over at him with puffed cheeks. "My hair."

Just two words but he immediately understood. Gee, such a cute little thing. He strolled back over to her hair and picked up the hair dryer. He switched it on and started to dry her hair.

"Hey wife." Haruka mumbled.


"So, I want to sort things with Rikka. But I don't know what to do. I don't want to be wish-washy either."

Lila nodded. "I think you should go over your relationship with her. Think back to everything from the start. How you met, when you started dating. If you look back, it should all come naturally to you."

How they met?

When they started to date?

Haruka's face colour paled at those words.

Lila raised her eyebrow. "That's right, you two met through Sophia. I can guess how your relationship started."

"Uh my wife, you know there is a scary aura coming out of you."

She sighed. "I can't help but get jealous. It was in the past already, but --" he cuts her off by putting the dryer down. He cupped her cheeks and she immediately blushed. "Let me go dummy."

"So hey wife. I think you know this already but I love you."

Her cheeks coloured more. "Uh, right."

"I want you to understand that. I won't do anything that would make you cry again." Haruka trailed off. "I still feel bad about that mistake from before. Wife, do you truly not want anything from me? I want to make it up to you."

Lila's gaze clouded for a moment before she nodded. "There is something."

"Sure what is it? I will do an--" Haruka's sentence fell short when he saw her blood shot eyes. 'Ah, she wants blood.'

Lila wrapped her arms around his neck and brought her lips to his neck. "Hubby."

"Go ahea-" she suddenly pushed him down until he was on the ground. She immediately unbuttoned his shirt.

'A hungry wife is a very passionate one.' Haruka thought as Lila started to drink from him. Her lips are so pretty and her hands, does she have any idea where she is touching? He didn't realize she was this thirsty though. He wishes she said something.

"I'm so hungry." She mumbled.

Now that he thought about it. Kiryu was secretly giving her blood right? Is this why she is so hungry now? Haruka felt uncomfortable. 'Is my blood good enough for her?' He never thought it through before, but Lila and Kiryu were compatible because of their blood right?

"So hungry, but your blood is so tasty."

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