Dream Star Chapter 746

741 This Isnt Seducing But A Bribe


After a few minutes, he gently ran his hand through her hair. He felt weak and terrible. But Haruka didn't want to stop her. Lila suddenly looked up.

"You're turning pale. Do I have to stop?" Lila asked.

Her gaze seemed hollow and Haruka shook his head. He traced her lips which still had traces of blood there. "No, you can continue. Is it tasty?"

Lila nodded. "Ah-huh, very. Haruka, you're thinking of me a lot."

"Always love."

"But, you seem concerned about something." Lila suddenly turned her attention to the other door. "Does she worry you that much?"


"I don't like that. I want you to be mine and mine alone. Don't think of her anymore." She trailed off. "What do I do to convince you?"

Lila mumbled but she suddenly bent down and buried her face between his legs.

'Wow his wife is -- no wait, I should stop her.'

"Hold on Lila, stop."

Lila looked up. "Why?"

"I really don't want to get on your parents bad aide."

She didn't stop though and extended her hand out to touch the buldge in his pants. "Hubby, I will help you."

"Lila" He groaned. "Really, stop."


What is she up to? Is it because she just drank blood, or maybe because of what they did earlier? Either way Haruka felt like he was going crazy with the way Lila moved her lips in a slow motion.

After a few minutes he simply surrendered. How could he stop his wife when she is the one who initiated it? Besides she probably won't go further than this. To think that his girl is like this now. 'I'm such a bad influence.'

Haruka always knew he wasn't good for her. But these days, he is starting to think he isn't good for other reasons.

"Hey wife, you okay?" Haruka asked when he saw the strange look in her eyes. He chuckled. "Don't drink so much, you might choke."

Lila rolled her eyes. "Very funny hubby. I know what I'm doing."

"Of course I should leave it to you, your so experienced wife."

"Unnngh, why are you getting bigger? It should go down."

Haruka chuckles. "Well, your seducing me so openly today."

"This isn't seducing but a bribe, I'm bribing you."

"I like bribes wife. Please bribe me more often."

He wants more bribes.

She looked beautiful. But, Haruka knew better than to do anything. He picked up a towel from the side and wiped her face. "Okay wife, I think we should sleep now."

"But I want to fool around!"

"Hey now--" Haruka trailed off. He brushed his hands across her cheeks. "We can fool around at home."

"Are you afraid she would hear?"

'I think she heard us already.' Haruka shook his head. "I know your tired already wife, don't push yourself."

Lila sighed but nodded. She however remained on top of him and drew little circles on his chest with her hands. "I don't want to go back anymore, I want to stay with you forever."

His gaze softened. "We need to return wife. But after we finish investigating here."

"Mmm, okay but you have to promise me that I can touch you when we come back."

Haruka laughed. "You want to touch me that much?"

"I do." Lila kissed his neck. "Your very handsome my husband. I want all of you."

"Wife, really quit seducing me already. I might do something to you."

Lila however continued to kiss him. "Tonight, I think I will be the one to make you speechless."


Following morning

Haruka woke up to find Lila not in his arms anymore. He frowned, 'where did she go?' Just as he thought that Lila re-entered the room with a bag of groceries. "Ah, it was so cold outside" She trailed off, her gaze met his. "Good morning hubby!"

He extended his hand out and Lila laughed. She put the bags down and walked over to the bed. Once she was close he pulled her into his arms, and inhaled her sweet scent.

"You went shopping?"

"Yes, you don't eat well unless I cook."

He pressed his lips onto hers and gave her a gentle kiss. "That's true, but I'm not fussed. Do you want to take a bath? It must have been cold."

Lila shook her head. "It's okay, let me cook for you."

Haruka nodded and followed Lila into the kitchen area. He was still half asleep and couldn't help her much. But Lila didn't push him away even once. He recalled what happened yesterday and looked her up and down. "Mmmm, hey wife...last night."

She turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck. She brought her lips to his ear. "Last night?"

Haruka could only stand there frozen. 'Wh--what is this new tactic of hers? My wife has changed so much overnight.' Then again, Rikka's presence must have bothered her. He wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Last night." He repeated. "When you seduced me."

"What about it?"

"Will you do it again?" Haruka requested. He didn't realize how much he wanted somebody to dominate him like that. No, he only wants Lila to do that with him.

She laughed. "I guess so."

A simple three world reply, with such innocent laughter.

This little moment is interuptted by the sound of a crash. He and Lila turned to the door to see a pale faced Rikka weakly leaning against the door.

Lila sighed. "Yesterday, I didn't get a chance to say this. But I think she came here drugged."

'So that's why Rikka behaved that way.'

She tugged on his hand and whispered. "Help her, but don't over do it, okay?"

"Alright." Haruka left Lila's side and walked over to Rikka. He picked her up realizing that she couldn't stand and exit the kitchen area. He placed her down on the bed.


"You should have said something."

"How could I interrupt when your wife was seducing you?"

So she heard that?

Haruka ran his hands through his hair. "Don't think about that for now. How much of the drug did you drink?"

"Just a bit."

"Good, then I'll fetch the temporary antidote for you."


After he fetched the antidote, they ended up eating breakfast.

Why does Lila look so much more beautiful? Haruka couldn't help but look at her. Lila was reading the news from her phone and eating with her free hand. He wanted to sit next to her and flirt but Rikka wasn't letting him. In fact maybe she realized that Lila had changed tactics too.

"I can't use my hands."

Haruka looked at her frustrated. But lifted the spoon up to her mouth. He glanced over at his wife and noticed her looking. She didn't say anything, but instead he recalled the sly smile on her face earlier.

He felt his heart skip a beat. His wife's new tactic is amazing, he can't keep his eyes of her.

Rikka sighed. "Did you two come here just to display your love?"

"Nonsense Rikka-san, if we wanted to do that. There are other ways," Lila trailed off and smiled. "Why do I have to show off? Haruka is mine after all."

His wife is so confident now.


Why does she look even more beautiful than before? "Besides Rikka-san, I think you need to get a grip on reality. Chasing after someone's husband is very shameful, even if you suceed. People will forever see you as that scheming woman who destroyed a happy family."

Haruka frowned when he heard those words. What succeed?

"That's fine with me." Rikka mumbled. "I don't know whether you're playing strong or not Terashima-san. But please remember something. You're the one with a fianc. Your marriage with Haruka isn't official yet. Until you break off your engagement, I can do as I please."

His sweat fell when he saw the dark aura around the two. Uh oh, he wasn't expecting this to happen. Before Haruka could say anything, Lila's phone started ringing.


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