Dropped Fffff Chapter 10

8 The Hidden 3

surrounding him were 5 stone figures, slightly smaller than the stone warrior he had faced before, each one of them armed with a short stone sword of his own.

surrounded he was, but he couldn't be more relaxed, after all, he had walked into this situation with his own feet.

Breaking the standstill, one of the stone swordsmen sprinted towards him, his sword, raised up high, about to slash downwards towards Link's skull.

He was slightly more agile than the previous Stone warrior, but unfortunately for him, Link was faster, stronger, and smarter.

all it took for him to dodge his outbreak was to slightly lean to the side, the heavy-weight of the stone short sword made any minimal change of trajectory almost impossible for the stone swordsman, thus ending his stoney life.

with one horizontal slash, Link lacerated him into two halves, immediately dodging to the right, right after, while shutting off another slash that was aiming towards his shoulder.

Tilting his katana while sidestepping, severing the balance he had achieved with the stone warriors slash, and responding right after with a wide slash of his own, all in one swift movement.

"2 down 3 to go."

the three stone swordsmen left, appeared to be discouraged because of his performance,

clearly wavering but they still rushed at him.

However, with their spirit broken, they were much easier to deal with than before.

1 meter...half a meter.. the moment they reached Link's katana reach, with their swords pointed at him, he made his move.

he parried the three strikes at once, impaling them directly , their carcasses, split into halves, hit the dirt.

Sighing, Link started opening up their stoney corpses and taking out their monster cores one by one.

After contemplating if going down was the correct choice for a while, Link had decided that, walking down, those stairs, is a far better choice, then roaming the endless desert, with no sense of direction, or a particular place that he wanted to go to.

His luck might just one day run out, and end up fishing something he could never handle out of the damned desert.

At least here, there was some kind of a defined road for him.

And he didn't regret his choice, he had found himself a perfect training place, with monsters around he had secured himself a source of PT which was the most important thing he wanted right now.

And in the past 3 days only he had accumulated up to 38, which wasn't really a lot, but PT still is PT regardless.

In any case, he was also training his body and upping his katana skills while hunting.

walking down the streets of the medieval-looking ancient city, Link couldn't help but wonder at the existence of such a place once again, when he first descended to this location, he was truly stunned, everything was made of stone, while also looking as if it was made by human hands, which didn't make any sense, the stone looked so natural, there was no way it was carved.

because of the huge royal looking castle in the middle of the city, he speculated that it was once a capital city, but how it ended here he had no inkling.

what left him even more stunned, was that all of the citizens were petrified, still and unmoving, only those who were slightly stronger than your average Joe seemed to have become mindless stone swordsmen or warriors that aggravated anything that it didn't recognize as one of their kind.

regardless this place was surely cursed from it's very core to Petrification.

whoever made this possible, surely was a powerhouse from the high realms.

after traversing the silent streets of the stone city for a while, Link made it to what looked like an area for nobles to live in, just slightly further in, he came across what seemed to be a petrified man, being guarded by 5 stone knights.

their strengths were between the the middle of F rank and its peak.

'just the right opponents to test my Blade mastery on.'

link didn't bother to hide his presence and the knights had already taken notice of his existence.

entering a battle stance, they started carefully, walking towards him.

while taking a step ahead link thought.

about something, he heard in the distant past.


Roughly 4 minutes later, the 5 stone knights met their makers and link was sitting in a pose that told he was in an extremely focused state.

"I can keep it up for 6 seconds now"

when he started his fight with the knights' something strange happened, the knights seemed to be sort of aware of their being, unlike how monsters would just attack anybody, they didn't aggravated him until he attacked himself, unlike all of the stone warrior's he had fought before, theyseemed more humane, but, the moment he attacked them, they turned into beasts, that would stop at nothing but shredding him, far more aggressive than the others.

Their odd behavior, was as if they were controlled by the devil.

But thanks to that, he had managed to have a breakthrough in his fighting style, with the stone knights savage and unpredictable movements, Link had to take a passive approach, but slowly, he got used to the battle flow, relying more on his instincts he started fight back mid-fight, eventually claiming the win.

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