Dropped Fffff Chapter 7

5 Sands Of Despair 2

Link sat on the sand, observing the fight happening far away from him, a huge snake, was surrounded by almost 30 armed lizardmen, that looked far stronger than the ones he had fought 2 months ago

The Lizardmen kept poking at the huge snake with their spears. While other slashed at it with their swords.

But the Huge lsnake was unaffected, and it kept trashing and stomping at its prey with glee, but suddenly, an arrow, hit its right eye.


The huge snake screeched.

'Rip' Link thought to himself, as he saw the enraged lizard, sraise its head up high.

Suddenly its eyes started to glow yellow, and it opened its mouth and yelled.


Link coud hear the loud yell even though he had distanced himself far away, so the lizardmens that were near the beast, had their ears ruptured.

But that wasn't the end of it, slowly, the lizardmen, started to get petrified, slowly turning into stone.

The basilic, a deadly creature, that had the powers of petrification, snakes with a very bad temper, that if you even came close to annoying them, would only stop when you dropped dead.

The basilic, seeing its prey petrified, started to devour them one by one, and after finishing its meal, dug back into the sand.

'What is this god damn hell'

Link, for the past 2 months, had travelled around the desert, and saw things that even he was scared of.

Giant snakes, Giant lizards, Giant Scorpions, Giant Wasps.

Each of these monsters had a racial limit of rank C, and most of the ones he had met, had already reached rank E in at least 2 stats.

And with danger all around him, Link had honed his sixth sense even more, just like earlier, he felt alarmed and a sense of danger from a spot up ahead, so he took a detour.

But the nearby lizardmen group like the stupid lizards they were, walked straight into that spot, resulting in the current situation.

Were it not for his sixth sense, Link would be the one being petrified and being devoured right now.

'This place is vast as hell itself, plus, full of freakish monsters, Just for how long do I need to survive here'

Link started to think objectively, about this trial, he had a hunch that the trial wasn't really just 'Surviving', but he didn't have enough evidence to back up this thought, for that bastard rashmar didn't really provide him with any kind of information about this place, rather, he just straight up threw him at a bunch of lizardmen excepting him to die.

"I'm just glad I came prepared"

Link looked at his clothes, that covered most of his skin, he would be in a really shitty state, if he didn't come prepared, the environment here was extreme even it, was going after his life, he had encountered 5 sand storms just in the past month.


Link suddenly spoke, and suddenly a small screen opened up in front of him again.

[Link Oakshield]

Strength: 500 (F)

Stamina: 500 (F)

Agility: 500 (F)

Perception: 500 (F)

Potential: 4580

Racial Limit: (D)

He had finally reached rank F, and without using any of his potential, but this was as far \u003c\u003c Body Of Endless Battle \u003e\u003e could take him.

Now he needed to start using his own potential to raise his stats, it takes around 1000 of PT for him to reach rank E in one stat.

And even more for him to reach rank D, his PT really wasn't enough at all.

Link took out a small bead from his bag, looked at it for a second, then swallowed it.

Once a monster reached Rank F in any kind of stats, they would form a core inside their body.

The core was named Monster core by the people, and was sought after by everyone, because inside the core, is PT.

And the Bead that Link had just swallowed was exactly that. Soon the PT on his status changed from 4580 to 4580.5.

At that Link had a bitter look, remembering the close fight he had with 10 lizardmen, and their leader that was a F rank monster.

He had risked his life, but only got half a PT.

But he knew the bead wasn't to blame, rather, he was, swallowing a monster core raw was the most wasteful thing to do.

The monster Core needed further treatments, and to be mixed with spiritual herbs that could bring out their real potential, and that's were alchemist came in.

Alchemists, people that made regents out of monster components.

But sadly Link was no alchemist, and his party in the past had a person solely focused on alchemy, so he never felt the need to become one until today.

Link made a note to himself to pick up alchemy, whenever he got the chance as he stood up and inspected his surroundings, his sixth sense was screaming danger like never before, but the confusing thing about it was that the danger he felt, was coming from all directions.

it was a deadly silent place, the more he stayed there, the more anxious he felt.

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