Dropped Fffff Chapter 9

7 The Hidden 2

Unflinchingly, Link dug through the stone man's remains which looked like regular pieces of stone now, He was unwilling to give up on any kind of PT he could gain, no matter how little it was.

The stone warrior was an F rank monster with a decent amount of strength, so his core was bound to hold a bit more than the lizardmen's chief that he had fought before.

After looking around for a bit more, he finally managed to find the core and devour it, which gave him 3 extra points of PT.

But suddenly a headache hit him.

" ahh, how could I forget about the recoil"

His body had yet to get used to the skills effect, so every time he executed it, it would cause him a severe pain in the head, which was fatal to him if he was in a battle.

And it would remain that way every time he executed it, till his body adapted to the skills effect, which from his experience knew would take a while to.

to any monster out there, right now, he was basically a free snack, This skill was double edged, if he used it and failed to kill his enemy, he probably would die right after, its effect ran out.

Fortunately, there was no other monster showing up at the moment.

Tiredness overlapped with

Tiredness overlapped with the side effect of the katana skill which he named 'Limit Breaker', draining him physically and mentally.

slowly sitting down, he closed his eyes in an attempt to sleep, and shortly after, he was deep in the land of dreams.


Under a gigantic tree, that looked as if it was holding the sky itself, sat man, with his eyes closed, suddenly, as a refreshing breeze blew by, he started mumbling some sort of a chant, with every mumble that came out of his mouth, the sky toppling tree swayed, slowly a typhoon formed, the Blond-Golden like haired man was its center, the typhoon grew and grew, and tree swayed even more.

But, unexpectedly a frown made its way into the incredibly handsome man's face, and with it, the typhoon dispersed, and the tree once again gained its serenity.

"My apologies for the disturbance, your highness" a man wearing some sort of a paladin looking armor walked in saying.

"What brings you here Moris" In a solemn voice replied the Golden-haired man

"I have brought you some news regarding the matter that you have assigned to my legion your highness"

"from your gloomy face, I assume it isn't of the pleasant sort"

"your highness is wise, I have ju.."

"I'd rather you spare me the useless flattery Moris, so what is it?" the air suddenly grew colder.

"We have lost track of him your highness"

"Him?? Ah you mean, to tell me that you lost tail of that guy, even with him being nothing more then insect compared to your legion, commander ?"

The legs of the man called Moris were visibly shaking, with a very nervous sounding voice he replied.

"There was nothing we could do your highness, he entered one of the foreign ancient dungeons"


for 5 minutes straight nether of the two said anything.

"ah, I see, you're excused, you may leave now"

Slowly the still bowing moris got up and walked away.

And the golden-haired man broke out in maniacal laughter.

"Oh foolish brother of mine, it seems like I won't be able to toy with your life anymore"

Moris who was walking away, couldn't help but have cold sweat on his back, he started walking even faster.

- - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - -- -


Link who was topless, was performing push-ups with one hand.

He was sweating all over, gritting his teeth, the veins on his arm looked as if they were going to blow up, but that didn't stop him at all, he kept pushing himself till he performed 2000 push ups.

Right after, he stood up and started performing squats, pushing his body even further, and didn't stop till he was completely drained.

"Eight thousand annnd huff huff fifty nine" as he reached th eend of his squat, he fell down on his butt from exhaustion his breath erratic, but soon it started to grow steady and calm.

He laid down for 10 min's then sat down in lotus form and closed his eyes, slowly spreading his sense to his surroundings.

Trying to reach the furthest he could, even after he fails, he'd try again and again, until his senses grew weak.

This was how he spent the past four days, training and training and even more training, only stopping when necessary.

After not being able to control his senses anymore, Link kept still, for a while, till he regained a bit of strength.

He opened his eye's with the intention of checking how much his prowess had grown.

" Asteria" he mouthed out.

[Link Oakshield]

Strength: 537 (F)

Stamina: 520 (F)

Agility: 507 (F)

Perception: 540 (F)

Potential: 4814

Racial Limit (D)

His eye's shined as he looked at his rising values. His efforts were paying off, he needed 600 PT for any of his stats to break through from Rank F to E in other words for his stat to reach the 1000 milestone, and he had just enough PT's to do so, but after he reaches rank E, the amount of PT needed to raise his stats spiked up like crazy, and that bothered him greatly.

But he shook his head from the distractions, and looked at the door that he had found 4 days ago.

"Should I go down?"

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