Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1

The gleaming and spotless marble floor reflected Wen Xuxu's 1 slender figure. Both hands were holding Flourish & Prosper's latest cell phone model respectively and a blue folder was clamped under her armpit. She walked hurriedly towards the President's office.

"Sister Xuxu, why are you in such a hurry?"

At Flourish & Prosper, it was an open secret that she and the boss had gone to the same kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and even the same university in B City.

After graduation, she was personally hired by the elderly Chairman to be CEO Ren's secretary - which meant that technically she was also President Yan's secretary.

That was the reason why all the employees, excluding the older and more experienced superiors, addressed her as Sister Xuxu.

Wen Xuxu smiled in acknowledgment and waved the cell phone. "President's call."

She had already reached the entrance of the President's office in the midst of their conversation. She raised her hand and knocked twice.

She unbolted the lock and pushed the door.

"President Yan."

Yan Rusheng 2 was nowhere in sight.

The President's office was a deluxe suite which consisted of two rooms and a hall. Furniture in white and gray tones were chosen to achieve a simple and sleek European style. A smoky gray porcelain office desk was paired with a white swivel chair set against a series of French windows. One could peer from the windows to admire the view spanning half the city.

No one answered her. Her gaze shifted towards the direction of the master bedroom.

As expected, the door was ajar.

"Secretary Wen, are you listening? Why haven't you found President Yan yet?"

Wen Xuxu was hesitating on whether she should enter the room and pass the phone to President Yan.

The phone in her right hand indicated that there was an ongoing phone call. A sweet voice on the other end of the line was impatiently rushing her.

Wen Xuxu frowned and replied irritably, "Right away."

She set foot towards the master bedroom.

"President Yan, you have an urgent call."

Her voice preceded her presence and thus saved herself from the trouble of knocking.

Before she could finish her sentence, she had already entered the room.

A towering flesh-colored figure exited the bathroom at the same time.

The so-called flesh-colored figure... was stark naked.

Momentarily helpless at the sight, she stood rooted to the spot. Her gaze was fixated on the man for a long time.

"Am I that attractive?" The masculine voice seemed to have cast a spell as it was filled with charm.

Wen Xuxu came to her senses, her pretty face instantly turning crimson as if besieged by a rush of blood.

She spun around with her back facing the muscular man. "President Yan, Miss Ouyang called looking for you regarding an urgent matter."

After finishing her sentence, she threw the phone backward.

The next second, she heard it fall with a thud. She had no idea where it landed, but it was definitely broken.

Upon hearing the sound, Wen Xuxu felt extremely gratified.

'My eyes were tainted by you early in the morning,' she thought.

"Wen Xuxu, don't pretend to be shy. It's not like you haven't seen it before." President Yan appeared unruffled despite having been seen naked by the opposite sex. On the contrary, he mocked her in a composed tone. "We've showered together when we were kids, have you forgotten?"

His voice sounded exceedingly attractive at this moment. It had a hint of a smile, an intoxicating one that was like taking a sip of vintage wine.

Since they were young, Wen Xuxu had always regarded Yan Rusheng as a flirtatious rascal with a sharp, mean tongue.

  1. Xuxu in Chinese also means 'vivid'
  2. Rusheng in Chinese also means 'lifelike.' Therefore, our female and male leads' names add up to a Chinese idiom - Vivid and Lifelike.

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