Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 104

He put his hands inside the pockets of his well-ironed trousers. He pressed his lips together, and his gaze seemed distant. The guys beside him couldn't figure out what was on his mind.

"Eh, I didn't know that she had a talent in this area." Ming Ansheng curled his good-looking lips and propped his elbow on Yan Rusheng's shoulders. He was gawking with interest at the tiny woman singing on stage.

When he raised his head and saw that familiar figure earlier on, he was very surprised.

But compared to someone else's expression, his astonishment wasn't worth mentioning.

A bespectacled man looked fearlessly at Yan Rusheng and solemnly commented, "Third Yan, you're way too stingy. After all, she's still your childhood sweetheart and yet the salary you've given her couldn't even be compared to a bar singer's."

His implication, of course, was that Wen Xuxu had felt that her salary was insufficient, hence she had changed her job to be a bar singer.

As he said this, he adjusted his spectacles in an elegant manner. Regardless of his appearance or manner of speech, he exuded an air of refined and educated charm.

He seemed to be saying, 'I'm not making fun of you, neither am I trying to provoke you intentionally. I'm seriously feeling indignant on Miss Xuxu's behalf.'

They could distinctly feel that the temperature was rapidly falling but they brazenly continued and took turns to tease Yan Rusheng.

The guys in this group were all famous, eligible and wealthy bachelors in the capital city. They were the partners that all the ladies in the capital city coveted.

No matter the circumstances, the charm and class they exuded naturally couldn't be concealed. It attracted every lady in sight.

Some of the people in the crowd had shifted their gaze towards them. They couldn't see their faces clearly in the dimly lighted bar, but they were certain that these weren't ordinary people.

"Cause love is a game until it's played and if it's lost, it can't ever be saved..."

Xuxu had a lively and bright expression as she sang onstage. Her smile was natural and she looked satisfied with her confidence.

How long... no, how many years had he not seen it?

Yan Rusheng stood there and the gleam of subtle fury in his eyes was unconsciously doused.

Her enchanting peach-blossom-shaped eyes brought to mind the melting snow and they twinkled with a warm light.

He was aware that Wen Xuxu could sing well and her English was excellent too. But he never knew that she could sing English songs so well.

The meaning of the lyrics... Because love is like a game. Once it starts, there is no ending. If it fails, there's no starting over...

He looked at the woman who was engrossed with singing and his eyes narrowed. His expression began to turn cold once again.

Aside from work, she had never displayed her other strengths and talents in front of him. It seemed like...

No, it didn't seem like. She couldn't be botheredcouldn't be bothered to reveal them in front of him.

"Ansheng, as her ex-classmates, shouldn't we send over a bouquet of flowers?"

The other young masters had not ceased their teasing and it seemed that they were still excited.

Yan Rusheng suddenly withdrew his cold gaze and glanced sideways at the guys beside him.

That expression in his eyes was as sharp as a knife and it silenced them in a split second.

"The girl standing beside her, isn't that Zhou Shuang, the female hooligan?"

Suddenly, the refined and handsome bespectacled guy pointed at Zhou Shuang who was standing beside Xuxu and he cried out in surprise.

Another person smiled and replied, "Yes, that's her. A few days ago, the childhood sweetheart fought with the ex-girlfriend actress and it hit the headlines. She was photographed as well."

"It's such a rare occasion to meet our ex-classmates, we definitely need to treat them to a glass or two." Ming Ansheng curled his lips with mischief.

The refined bespectacled guy looked at Yan Rusheng seriously. "Doesn't Third Yan have something to attend to and needs to leave now?"

With that, Young Master Yan had quietly clenched his fists.

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