Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1102

Chapter 1102 Third Master Has Transformed Into A Super Dad Part Twenty

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Young Master Yan glanced at the crib to see the two little fellows crying loudly.

He took a deep breath and got off the bed. He carried Meowmeow to check her diaper first. Indeed, it was soaked. He wiped her before changing her diaper.

After two days, he was slowly becoming an expert.

After she was done, he placed her in Xuxu’s arms.

The matron of the hospital found a lactation expert for Xuxu and now she could easily feed both of the children.

It was Yangyang’s turn to change his diaper. Yan Rusheng carelessly grabbed his son’s legs to check on him.

His expression instantly darkened. “F*ck. They drank the same amount of milk.”

‘The younger sister only peed, yet he pooped?’

Young Master Yan glanced at the mess and really didn’t feel like getting his hands dirty. He turned around and smiled at Xuxu. “Wife, I’ll get mother to help, all right?”

After he got home from work, he had lost count of the times he had cleaned them up.

Mu Li and Xuxu both had the same point of view. If the diapers were soiled, it would make the children uncomfortable. Hence, they needed to change it as often as needed.

But they had failed to consider his feelings.

Xuxu smirked. “Yan Rusheng, you’re such a filial son. It’s already so late in the night.”

Her tone was full of disdain.

Yan Rusheng was speechless.

“Get water!” yelled Xuxu.

She looked like a queen who looked so impressive and dictatorial.

“All right.” Yan Rusheng pressed his lips and went to the bathroom carrying a basin.

He was impatient throughout the whole process.

Xuxu can feed both of them at the same time.

Yan Rusheng finally collapsed on the bed. However, he was still wide awake.

He flipped and laid sideways on the bed as he watched the babies on Xuxu’s chest. He looked worried as he commented, “Wife, they’re going to sag very soon.”

Xuxu couldn’t control her rage and bellowed, “Yan Rusheng, get out and sleep in the guest room!”

Young Master Yan clammed up and laid on the bed like an obedient child.

But he couldn’t fall asleep as he stared at the ceiling. Jealousy had overwhelmed him.

The moment those two fellows appeared in their lives, they had snatched away Wen Xuxu—the one who belonged to him ever since he was a boy.

From now on, there would always be two huge ‘light bulbs’ in their lives.

Yan Rusheng began to sulk as an indescribable frustration and jealousy consumed him.

He turned towards the babies and glared at them with malice.

But at the sight of their tiny bodies sleeping peacefully in Xuxu’s arms, they seemed to have tugged his heartstrings.

The expression in his eyes and on his face turned tender.

“Ah Sheng, carry them back to the crib,” breathed Xuxu.

She was gazing lovingly at the babies as she spoke to Yan Rusheng.

Her eyes were overflowing with love.

Yan Rusheng felt a pang of jealousy stabbing him, and he responded gloomily. He leaped to his feet and carried Meowmeow first. After he placed her in the crib, he turned around to carry Yangyang.

Finally, after being fed, the two fellows slept peacefully. Xuxu and Yan Rusheng laid down on the bed, but their eyes were wide open.

“Why do you always carry Meowmeow first?” asked Xuxu suddenly as she glanced at Yan Rusheng.

Yan Rusheng replied, “I just carried them without thinking.”

If Xuxu didn’t point it out, he wouldn’t have realized that every time those two fellows cried, he always carried Meowmeow first.

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