Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 115

She had left on her own accord. Given his arrogant personality, it would be quite impossible for him to accept her return.

Not to mention yesterday night they had...

"Hmph!" Wang Daqin snorted loudly and said briskly, "He won't dare to raise any objections, I'm still the chairman of Flourish & Prosper after all."

Wen Xuxu fell silent.

Oh, right. The old madam is the chairman and also Yan Rusheng's grandmother.

After lunch, Wang Daqin personally sent Wen Xuxu to the company.

Wang Daqin wore a forest green dress with sleeves that ended at her elbows. She held a black LV handbag, and a white pearl necklace hung around her neck.

With her domineering aura, she stood in front of the reception desk at Flourish & Prosper's main hall.



All the employees walking in and out, including the security guards and front desk staff, nodded and greeted her.

Wen Xuxu followed behind her and all pairs of eyes were staring at her as well. There wasn't anything strange about the chairman coming to the company. In fact, everyone was more curious about why the chairman had brought the president's ex-secretary along.

Wen Xuxu wore the outfit she had put on in the morning. Her pink chiffon shirt was paired with a long white skirt that ended at her ankles. On her feet was a pair of white shoes and she had tied her hair in a ponytail. She looked extremely approachable.

They entered the elevator while countless pairs of eyes stared at them.

The elevator went straight to the top floor. The door opened and Wang Daqin exited first.

She waited until Wen Xuxu exited the elevator before she took hold of her wrist. Then they walked hand in hand together and appeared in front of the president's office staff.


The staff in the president's office poked their heads out from their individual workstations when they saw Wang Daqin walking in. Everyone stood up and greeted her politely.

Wang Daqin scanned everyone briefly and then she pulled Wen Xuxu to the front. She said to everyone, "This is Secretary Wen, I believe there isn't a need for me to introduce her."

Her ordinary tone subtly revealed an imposing aura which made people yield naturally.

Did this mean that Secretary Wen was coming back to work?

Everyone's gazes moved as one and saw that Wang Daqin was still holding Wen Xuxu's hand. And in their hearts, they were well aware of the situation.

Wen Xinyi had been brought in personally by Wang Daqin as well, but she hadn't held her hand then.

But today, she was openly holding Wen Xuxu's hand. This gesture was to inform everyone that there was a difference between the two secretaries and they needed to weigh the importance.

Secretary Wen Xinyi may have a strong backing and came from a wealthy familyand everyone had various theories about her relationship with the presidentbut to the chairman who was also the president's grandmother, this particular Secretary Wen seemed to have a higher status in her heart.

Wang Daqin was satisfied with everyone's reaction. She had wanted this effect so that everyone would know that Xuxu was ranked first in her heart.

She paused for a moment before she continued speaking. "Xuxu is here to assist Secretary Wen. If President Yan isn't around, you may look for Secretary Wen Xuxu regarding all matters. She can represent President Yan."

Her... her status had been elevated!

She can represent President Yan; what does that mean?

Everyone simultaneously moved their vision to Wen Xuxu's face again. What had happened in these past few days since Secretary Wen's resignation? Why was she able to represent President Yan all of a sudden?

Wen Xuxu frowned and thought in her heart, If you're asking me, then who should I consult?

She was bewildered too, alright?

"Chairman, to represent the President, I'm afraid this is too serious a matter."

She was only back temporarily to teach the new secretary and she wasn't even considered as a permanent staff member. To represent the president when he wasn't around carried a tremendous amount of stress.

Wang Daqin turned her head to look at her with a mysterious smile. "Xuxu, I have my own reasons."

Of course, she would never have said 'It's because you're my granddaughter-in-law, the future mistress of Flourish & Prosper.'

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