Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 118

She placed the phone to her ear and answered the call. "Hello, Ah Heng."

"I drank too much last night. Grandmother told me that Yan Rusheng sent me to his place."

"Alright, see you tonight."

After chatting briefly with Jiang Zhuoheng, she hung up.

Suddenly she realized that a pair of eyes was staring at her. It was Wen Xinyi.

She turned her head and met that pair of woeful-looking eyes. Her heart pounded quickly for a moment and in that instant she felt a cold gust behind her.

But she pasted on a smile immediately. "Secretary Wen, why are you looking at me like that?"

"That doll is adorable." Wen Xinyi pointed at the furry doll in front of Wen Xuxu and remarked softly. The smile on her delicate face had a trace of gentleness.


Yet her eyes were staring at her with jealousy and loathing. Was it just because of this furry doll?

Wen Xuxu suddenly felt that she was making a fuss about nothing.

She took the doll and gave it to Wen Xinyi. "You can have it if you like."

Wen Xinyi declined. "No no no, this is very expensive."

Was this doll expensive? Wen Xuxu frowned and scanned the doll carefully. But there wasn't anything special about it.

Who cares? Anyway, she wasn't interested in such furry toys so she should give it to someone who likes it. "Just take it. I didn't buy it, someone gave it to me at a bar yesterday."

Then she placed the doll on Wen Xinyi's desk.

Wen Xinyi took it and stuffed it back into her hands again. "I already have a collection of these dolls at home. There isn't nearly enough space for more."

After hearing that, Wen Xuxu retracted her already extended hand.

She thought in her heart, Since she said that she has too many at home and there isn't any more space, then that means she doesn't want it any more than I do.

And so, she put the doll in a corner of her desk and got back to work.

Yan Rusheng had deliberately wanted to make things difficult for her. Thus when Wang Daqin left, he summoned Wen Xinyi into the office and gave her a huge load of work.

When it was time for lunch, the colleagues raised a ruckus and insisted on treating Xuxu to a meal.

It was hard to decline their kind hospitality so Wen Xuxu implored them to head downstairs first.

She organized her work, separating those that were completed and those unfinished first. Then she rose to leave the office.

Wen Xinyi was still busy typing away on her keyboard. Xuxu asked her courteously, "Secretary Wen, do you want to join us?"

"It's alright, I'll eat with President Yan later." Without turning around, Wen Xinyi shook her head with her eyes fixed on the computer screen.

"Okay." Wen Xuxu pressed her lips and replied in an indifferent manner. "Then I'm off for lunch."

After working together the whole morning, she could feel that Wen Xinyi didn't really like her.

It wasn't a problem as long as she treated her with the basic formalities and manners.

After Wen Xuxu had left, Wen Xinyi's fingers gradually slowed down. She turned her head to look at Xuxu's seat. With an indignant pout, she glared at the doll.

Grandfather instructed her to make sure Yan Rusheng liked her, but the man couldn't even be bothered with her.

Her cousin had clearly said that Yan Rusheng loathed this woman. But why was he still bringing her home?

"Secretary Wen, why haven't you bought lunch?"

Suddenly, she heard Yan Rusheng's cold voice from behind her.

Terrified, she got up hastily. "Okay, I'll go and buy lunch now."

After she responded, she didn't ask what Yan Rusheng wanted for lunch. She grabbed her purse guiltily as she was afraid that Yan Rusheng could read her mind.

After Wen Xinyi had left, Young Master Yan walked to Wen Xuxu's desk and looked at the furry doll with a frown.

Someone gave it to me at a bar yesterday...

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