Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 12

There was a huge Azona cat logo imprinted on her sweater and she paired it with deep blue jeans and pink sneakers. Her hair was tied in her usual ponytail and she wore a pair of black glasses.

This casual outfit made her look at least six years younger compared to what she usually wore to work every day.

Anyone on the streets would believe she was a high school student in this outfit.

She took a cab to the Yan's family mansion. She stood outside the steel gates and smiled at Wang Daqin who was busy removing weeds from her plants in the garden. "Grandmother."

Wang Daqin heard her and raised her head happily. "You're here, Xuxu."

She put her gardening tools aside and opened the gates.

Wen Xuxu held her hand as they walked towards the house. "Let's try the desserts I've made."

She pulled her straight to the dining room and served Wen Xuxu a variety of her freshly-baked desserts. She waited for her comments.

Wen Xuxu nodded in approval and complimented her desserts.

"Drink some water, be careful not to choke."

Wang Daqin had two sons and three grandsons, hence she had always dreamed of having girls in the family.

She'd always wished to have a daughter or a granddaughter. However, both her daughters-in-law didn't produce any more grandchildren after Yan Rusheng was born.

Hence, she was overjoyed when her husband brought Wen Xuxu to their family years ago.

Yan Rusheng's grandfather and Wen Xuxu's grandfather were old comrades. Years ago, there was a mud avalanche in Wen Xuxu's village and it destroyed their house and took her parents' lives. Only Wen Xuxu and her grandfather survived.

Her family situation was pretty bad at that point in time. When Yan Rusheng's grandfather heard about their predicament, he offered his help immediately. Wen Xuxu was only four years old at that time and Grandfather Yan couldn't bear to see Wen Xuxu growing up in a harsh environment. He decided to adopt her.

She was adopted at the age of four and ready to attend kindergarten. Wang Daqin doted on her dearly and made arrangements for her to attend the same kindergarten as her grandson Yan Rusheng.

Xuxu began to adapt to her new life in the city. She was a bright girl and was well-liked by her teachers and classmates.

Wang Daqin and Wen Xuxu became very close to each other. Grandfather Yan knew that his wife couldn't bear to part with Xuxu. After discussing it with Xuxu's grandfather, he invested in a traditional Chinese medicine clinic for Xuxu's grandfather to manage.

Xuxu could then continue to stay in the city and Wang Daqin's love for Xuxu grew day by day. She selected the best schools for her and Xuxu didn't let her down. With her results, she was accepted by the second best university in the country.

Xuxu's achievements were largely due to Wang Daqin.

"Thank you, Grandmother." Wen Xuxu gave a wide smile as she ate the desserts.

She was used to receiving special treatment and attention from Wang Daqin every time she came to visit her.

Wang Daqin smiled. She loved everything about this girlher fair skin, red lips and the rest of her features as well.

"Xuxu, I haven't heard from your grandfather, what has he been up to?"

Wen Xuxu smiled and answered, "He's doing research on Chinese medicine and locks himself in the laboratory all day. He really treats himself as a postdoctoral scholar."

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