Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 127

She would put on makeup if her work required it.

Like Yan Rusheng had said, she was a woman who could do everything by herself. Her partner would only feel that his presence was redundant.

After completing her hairstyle, Xuxu smiled in satisfaction at her reflection.

According to the time she'd planned out, she was sitting in the private room five minutes before the scheduled appointment.

Four minutes later, someone knocked on the door.

She rose immediately and wore a smile as she opened the door.

A middle-aged woman with golden locks and blue eyes appeared in front of her.

"Princess Lu Fei, welcome," Xuxu fluently greeted her in English. She extended her hand for a handshake and introduced herself. "I'm President Yan's secretary. My name is Wen Xuxu."

She had done some research on the princess before the visit, and that included finding out how she looked like. Therefore, she could instantly recognize the woman as Princess Lu Fei, the guest Yan Rusheng was supposed to meet tonight.

Princess Lu Fei extended her hand gracefully and shook Wen Xuxu's hand. "Thank you."

"Please enter." Xuxu bowed and gestured towards the interior.

She stole a glance from the corner of her eyes towards the area outside of the door. She was surprised that the princess had traveled such a long way from her country alone.

Just as she wondered at it, two other men appeared. One looked like he was about the same age as Princess Lu Fei. He was an Asian with black hair and black eyes.

The other guy seemed to be in his twenties with golden hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a turquoise-blue striped shirt paired with beige pants. He exuded a dignified and aristocratic charm.

"Welcome." Wen Xuxu greeted the men and introduced herself once again.

"Wen Xuxu?" The golden-haired man used his height to his advantage as he towered over her, surveying her with interest.

He seemed to be intrigued by her name.

Wen Xuxu raised her head to look at him and nodded with neither inferiority nor superiority. "Yes, I'm Wen Xuxu."

"Yan Rusheng." The golden-haired man suddenly muttered Yan Rusheng's name and his smile grew wider with lingering interest.

After mulling something over for a while, he smiled and asked, "I remember that there is a Chinese idiom: 'vivid and lifelike'. What is your relationship with Yan Rusheng?"

This wasn't the first time someone had asked her about this. Xuxu was already used to it. She shook her head and smiled politely in response. "It's a coincidence. Our relationship is merely that of a superior and subordinate."

Compared to the question he'd raised, she was more surprised that the golden-haired foreigner knew of their idioms.

"You're very pretty."

Foreigners were always very generous when it came to complimentsespecially towards ladies.

Wen Xuxu smiled gracefully. "Thank you. Please, come in."

After they sat down, Princess Lu Fei introduced her entourage. The middle-aged man was her secretary and the golden-haired man was her son, Charles.

Wen Xuxu explained to them regarding Yan Rusheng's tardiness and used his injury as the reason.

Before she arrived, she had researched online about Princess Lu Fei's interests and knew that she loved cats.

Once they sat down, she steered the topic towards cats. Earlier on, she had done some last-minute cramming with cat information she found online, all so that she could chat about her interest with her.

When there is a common topic to talk about, time can quickly fly by.

It was true that foreign men were extremely gentlemanly. When Xuxu and Princess Lu Fei were chatting, the two men sat in silence and listened earnestly.

When they talked about something interesting, they would laugh along to match the atmosphere.

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