Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 133

Young Master Yan averted his gaze once more and he could feel his body burning. He shifted uncomfortably.

"Didn't I told you not to move?" Wen Xuxu frowned and stared at him. She continued to chide him, "If you move again, you'll need a blood transfusion at the hospital."

She had used nearly half a box of tissues and the blood still hadn't stopped dripping. What exactly was wrong with him?

She began to get worried. "Should we go to the hospital?"

Yan Rusheng shook his head and rejected her suggestion instantly. "No."

After a curt reply, he randomly grabbed a folder and crossed one leg over the other. He placed the folder on his thighs to cover a certain part of his body.

"Your nose is still bleeding, can't you stop thinking about work for a moment?" Wen Xuxu continued to lecture him in a low voice and there was a tinge of gentleness in her tone.

As she said this, she attempted to take away the folder that was resting on Yan Rusheng's thighs.

Yan Rusheng sensed her movements and he held on tightly to the folder. Raising his head, he shouted, "Wen Xuxu, what are you trying to do?!"

He was extremely vexed.

A part of him was already erect.

Oh... This was so embarrassing.

He could never, ever let that stupid woman find out, if not she would mistakenly assume that she'd caused this reaction.

Even though he had no idea why his body was so sensitive today, but he was sure that it wasn't because of that stupid woman.

Xuxu was worried about his health and refused to indulge him any longer. She looked at him solemnly. "Your nosebleed is getting worse and you still want to work? Are you tired of living?"

After she finished lecturing him, she attempted to snatch the folder from him again.

Yan Rusheng instinctively avoided her and jerked forward. Unfortunately, his head bumped right into Xuxu's chest.

The contact made him feel like saying one word— F*ck!

"Wen Xuxu, get back to work now." Both hands gripped the folder tightly as he covered that crucial part of his body. He stared at Wen Xuxu with fury in his eyes.

If she didn't leave soon, he was afraid that it wouldn't be just a nosebleed anymore.

Damn it. No matter what, he would find out the cause behind his nosebleed and that uncontrollable desire. He had been together with this woman for years and nothing like this had ever happened before.

"Yan Rusheng, you can't tell good from bad!" Wen Xuxu pouted her mouth in exasperation and angrily shoved the tissues at his chest. She turned to leave in a huff.

When she finally disappeared from his sight, Yan Rusheng heaved a sigh of relief.

He flung the folder on the desk and looked at his erect body part. He cursed violently in his heart.

His hands pressed against the arms of the chair and he rose, heading straight for his room.

Standing under the showerhead, Yan Rusheng allowed the icy water to cool his burning body.

If he didn't vent it out right now, he was afraid he might end up 'crippled' in the future.

He shut his eyes and raised his head.

Ah Sheng... Ah Sheng... I like you...

He reminisced about an old dream and his ears rang with the voice that still tugged at his heartstrings even now. He tried to visualize the scene in the dream to help him vent his desires.

Look at yourself. You got a nosebleed because of excessive internal heat. Stop throwing tantrums so frequently.

Yan Rusheng, you can't tell good from bad!

Tch, what was this situation?

Startled, Young Master Yan opened his eyes. Feeling vexed, he clenched his fists and punched the wall.

Unexpectedly, he had fantasized about Wen Xuxu, that stupid woman.

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