Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 14

There was a long pause...

Boss Yan was about to swallow a pastry when he heard what his grandmother said. The pastry got stuck in his throat and he choked.

His face turned red and he snatched Wen Xuxu's cup and took a huge gulp of water.

He finally cleared his throat before sulking and throwing a disapproving look at Wang Daqin. "Dear Madam Wang Daqin, are you certain that you're my grandmother?"

She never took his side during his arguments with Wen Xuxu. Not even once.

She had no qualms about insulting her own grandson because of Wen Xuxu.

"I can't be sure about this fact," Wang Daqin replied in a deadpan manner and shifted her vision to the cup in Yan Rusheng's hand. She smiled sneakily and said, "Xuxu drank from that cup you're holding right now."

Poor Wang Daqin could even feel excessively thrilled by such an indirect kiss.

If someday her grandson and beloved Xuxu got together, wouldn't she faint from happiness?

Yan Rusheng acted nonchalantly and took another sip. "She might be dumb, but it's not like she has any infectious diseases."

What did he mean by that statement?

Despite her silent internal protests, she remained calm.

Anyway, this wasn't the first time Yan Rusheng had insulted her; she couldn't be bothered to be provoked by his remarks.

Furthermore, Madam Wang always helped to vent her anger on her behalf.

Wang Daqin couldn't understand her grandson. Does he not have any feelings towards Xuxu whatsoever?

She seemed to be an eyesore in his eyes and he constantly found fault with her. Other than that, she couldn't detect any trace of loathing from him.

She heard that he never ate food that his girlfriends had touched with their cutlery. He didn't even allow them to sit in the front passenger seat.

However, towards Xuxu...

Madam Wang Daqin had previously given up hope but she decided to persevere because of the cup of water.

"Xuxu, I met Ah Heng's grandmother at a gathering of old folks yesterday. She mentioned that he's coming back next month."

"Oh," Wen Xuxu answered lightly. She bowed her head and she seemed rather down.

The speed at which she chewed her food slowed down as well.

Yan Rusheng glanced at her and assumed that she was feeling sorrowful. His eyes twinkled with satisfaction since the words had caught Wen Xuxu's attention.

"I heard that Jiang Zhuoheng dated a mixed girl who was the prettiest girl in school. She's also related to Country Y's royal family."

"There is nothing superior about girls from foreign countries, girls from our own country are the prettiest," Wang Daqin retorted. "I like girls who are just like our Xuxu."

Wen Xuxu and Jiang Zhuoheng's two-month relationship was known to the elders of the respective families.

Wang Daqin was depressed for a period of time when she heard about their relationship. But she changed her opinion since she knew that Jiang Zhuoheng was a nice person. Most importantly, he treated Xuxu well.

Everyone viewed their relationship positively, so news of their sudden breakup came as a surprise and no one knew the exact reason why.

Xuxu explained vaguely that Jiang Zhuoheng was intending to further his studies abroad. Therefore, both of them came to a consensus to end their relationship.

Everyone interpreted that explanation in a different way. Jiang Zhuoheng had jilted Wen Xuxu.

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