Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 141

Yan Rusheng raised his eyebrows and gave her a frosty look. "Do I need to report to you when I come to work early?"

"Nope." Xuxu shook her head and got up hurriedly to receive the cup from Yan Rusheng. Then she proceeded to the office pantry.

Black coffee without sugar—the young master wasn't in a good mood today.

The thick black coffee looked bitter just by the smell of it.

Xuxu knocked on Yan Rusheng's office door.

He was sitting on the couch with his laptop, his attention focused on the screen.

"President Yan, your coffee is ready," Wen Xuxu announced softly, walking towards him with the coffee.

Yan Rusheng looked up the second he heard her voice. He promptly closed his laptop.

He looked nervous.

What's going on this with this guy today?

Xuxu sized up Yan Rusheng's expression. He didn't look very good, was he feeling sick?

Yan Rusheng noticed her staring at his face and he frowned. "What are you looking at, Wen Xuxu?"

"Nothing much." Wen Xuxu stopped her train of thought and put down the coffee. She said, "President Yan, if there's nothing else, I'll head back to work."

Yan Rusheng gave a stony "Mm" and didn't even look at her. He sipped the coffee and the bitter taste lingered around his mouth.

He disliked this taste but the bitterness was able to numb his senses, thus helping him to forget his woes.

After Xuxu closed the door behind her, Yan Rusheng opened his laptop once more.

He'd been browsing a psychological clinic's website and was currently chatting with an expert from the clinic.

To be specific, he was consulting him regarding psychological issues.

The expert said: You've fallen in love with the woman who's been with you for years. This further proves that psychologically, you are normal. If you didn't fall for her, it would seem more abnormal by comparison.

'Xuxu rusheng' asked: If I'm normal, why do I get a reaction when I see that stupid woman? Why do I feel frustrated when she kisses another guy?

The expert answered: According to what you've described, your love has progressed to a stage where you'll suffer from agony and grief if you see her with another guy.

'Xuxu rusheng' retorted: Bullshit, you're a quack who can't even diagnose a simple problem. How dare you call yourself an expert?

The expert said: Sir, please don't resort to personal attacks. There really is nothing wrong with you psychologically.

The expert typed: Sir, are you there? Heed my advice and acknowledge your own feelings. Be brave and face them. Love isn't shameful.

The expert continued: Mister, there's really nothing wrong with you psychologically. But if you continue to suppress your feelings for her, psychologically you will develop a problem.

When Young Master Yan read the expert's last message, he spat out the coffee in his mouth at the screen.

He put down his cup and his long fingers typed nimbly: Get lost!

After aggressively replying to the expert, he promptly exited the website and closed his laptop.

He drank the remaining coffee in one gulp.

Yan Rusheng didn't look for her for the whole morning. When it was time for lunch, Xuxu got ready to head to his office.

At that moment, she heard his voice behind her. "Wen Xuxu."

"President Yan, I was just about to ask what you wanted to eat for lunch." Xuxu stood up and walked towards him with a smile.

She wore a white shirt and had tucked it into a black body-hugging skirt. It enhanced the curves of her body perfectly.

When she walked closer to him, Yan Rusheng stole a glance at the top of her head as he recalled what the female employees were gushing about yesterday.

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