Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 15

"I'm aware. Ah Heng emailed me last week." It felt like her words were said in a fit of pique. She raised her head and retaliated with the following remark"Last month he asked me to check his graduation thesis which was all in English. I lectured him ruthlessly for that."

Yan Rusheng's expression changed subtly and he looked annoyed.

This damned Jiang Zhuoheng was still keeping in contact with this lass after the breakup. What was he trying to do?

Look how smug she looked.

Wang Daqin was visibly shocked by Wen Xuxu's words. "Are you still in contact with Ah Heng?"

Since Ah Heng left for Country Y, they'd never heard Xuxu mentioning the name Jiang Zhuoheng. Everyone assumed that their friendship had ended in a fit of anger.

Who'd have known they were still keeping in touch with each other?

Wang Daqin started feeling anxious. Xuxu had become more and more outstanding these past three years and if that fellow Ah Heng returned, would he regret his past decision and court Xuxu again?

Wen Xuxu answered her lightly, "Actually, Ah Heng has been emailing me."

Wang Daqin replied absentmindedly, "Oh." She turned towards her grandson and glared at him furiously.

Yan Rusheng couldn't accept it either.

How could he endure Wen Xuxu being so smug in front of him...


After dinner, Wang Daqin insisted that Xuxu could only leave only after having some fruits and desserts. Finally, after 9 p.m., she reluctantly sent her off.

She held her hand as she sent her out. "It's already rather late and you don't have to work tomorrow. How great it would be if you could stay for the night?"

Wen Xuxu gave her a hug and the hug conveyed her endless gratitude towards Grandmother.

She said, "I'll come again soon. Besides, it's not far."

"Go back earlier then." Wang Daqin patted Wen Xuxu's back and gently pushed her away.

She looked at the waiting chauffeur and instructed him, "Be careful on the road."

"Don't worry, Madam. I will," the chauffeur replied respectfully.

Wen Xuxu waved at Wang Daqin and got into the car.

The chauffeur started the engine and the car left the courtyard, instantly vanishing from Wang Daqin's vision.

Bright lights lit up the study room on the second floor and a tall figure stood on the balcony. As the car left, he was flooded with mixed emotions.

His cell phone vibrated continuously in his hand.

He finally opened the group chat with his old classmates, which he hadn't done in a long time. All of them had heard the news that Jiang Zhuoheng was coming back and everyone was discussing about a classmate gathering.

The ones who never replied in the group chat were Wen Xuxu, Fang Jiayin, and him. Even Jiang Zhuoheng who was abroad replied occasionally.

He slid his finger across the screen and looked at the list of participants in the chat. He stopped at the nickname 'Joyous news in the South'.

This was Fang Jiayin's QQ nickname and like her owner, it had disappeared for three years.

Fang Jiayin, even Jiang Zhuoheng was coming back, haven't you been wilful enough?

Yan Rusheng stared at the screen and he spaced out when someone suddenly mentioned his name in the group chat.

He checked the message, it was from Jiang Zhuoheng.

Third Yan, I'm coming back next month. You and Xuxu will pick me up, right?

Yan Rusheng first reaction was to reject his request. After a mere few years abroad, have you forgotten the way home? Get home yourself.

He had never received anyone at the airport in his entire life. He was always the one who was being received.

Jiang Zhuoheng replied: Xuxu was right. No one would be able to invite you, Honorable God.

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