Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 161


He had barely finished his sentence when he was punched brutally in the face.

Yan Rusheng parted the crowd with his hands. After he pushed the rest of the people to the side, everyone was huddled together, and suddenly there was an empty space around him.

His malicious-looking eyes were glaring at the shameless man who had molested Xuxu. His eyes had a dangerous gleam.

"Who are you? Why did you hit me?" The man touched his face with one hand, and he used the other to point at Yan Rusheng who was closing in on him. He began to retreat, and his legs started trembling.

"It's Third Master Yan from Flourish & Prosper..."

"It's really him! He looks exactly like the photo, it must be him."

There was a long pause...

Someone recognized Yan Rusheng, and they started making a commotion excitedly.

The lecherous-looking man couldn't back away anymore, but his trembling body was still trying to retreat.

"Don't assume that I'm afraid of you. I'm going to report this to the police."

Yan Rusheng sneered coldly, "Before the police arrive, let me maim both of your hands."

His good-looking lips twitched ruthlessly, and his hand hooked around the man's arm and twisted it.

There was a loud 'crunch!', and a second later, the man's bloodcurdling screams echoed loudly in the elevator.

Yan Rusheng didn't give him a chance to catch his breath before he proceeded to hook around his other arm.

"Ah Sheng, don't!" Wen Xuxu cried out anxiously, blurting out the intimate nickname she'd concealed deep in her heart. She realized almost immediately and corrected herself. "President Yan."

If this matter was escalated and brought to the police's attention, it was still relatively easy to handle. The troublesome part lay with the media since they would definitely blow up what happened.

No matter what, it would affect Yan Rusheng and the company.

Yan Rusheng looked at the petite hand clutching his arm, and an affectionate smile flitted briefly on his face.

"Don't be afraid."

Xuxu held her breath when she heard that gentle and deep voice.

"Ahhhh...." The lecherous-looking man tried to sneak an attack on Yan Rusheng by kicking him when he wasn't looking.

But before he could, Yan Rusheng had noticed it.

Yan Rusheng didn't twist his arm this time around; he broke two of his fingers instead.

Everyone in the elevator witnessed Yan Rusheng's violent and unfeeling actions, and they all shuddered and broke into a cold sweat.

This person had ruthlessly broken that man's arm.

That lecherous-looking man gave a shriek and lost consciousness.

The elevator reached the ground floor.

Everyone scrambled to leave, and the people bumped into Wen Xuxu and almost tripped a few times.

Everyone in the elevator left, leaving her, Yan Rusheng and the unconscious man on the floor. She felt helpless.

She had no idea what to do.

Somewhere above her, Yan Rusheng's gentle voice was heard. "Wen Xuxu, you don't seem to be as tough as I thought."

Earlier on, she had blurted 'Ah Sheng, don't!' with a tinge of fear. At the precise moment he heard her, a special and familiar feeling had struck him.

He thought that a fearful Xuxu was... adorable.

When she corrected it to 'President Yan', it was the first time he had ever regretted something so much. He had regretted how he'd warned and forbidden her on that island from calling him by that nickname.

His voice carried a hint of warmth, just like an intoxicating vintage wine.

Xuxu was slightly startled as she lifted her tiny face. She stared at Yan Rusheng's gorgeous countenance which seemed to resemble an exquisitely sculpted masterpiece by God.

The corners of Yan Rusheng's lips curled with a warm and vibrant smile. His peach blossom-shaped eyes were slightly arched, holding a rare tenderness.

Against the bright lights in the elevator, Xuxu's soft face was even rosier than usualas enticing as a ripe apple.

As Yan Rusheng stared at her, his Adam's apple bobbed slightly.

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