Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 176

She ran forward with all her might and took out her cellphone at the same time, then turned on the flashlight.

The brightness from the flashlight illuminated the pitch-black environment in an eerie way that made her hair stand on end.

Tsk. Why was there a power cut at this time? This is so unlucky.

With one breath, she ran to the President's office, opened Yan Rusheng's office door and went in.

The series of French windows in Yan Rusheng's office allowed some moonlight to enter and lit up the room a little.

She closed the door and leaned her back against it, gasping and panting. Her white blouse was soaked through with her perspiration.

Ring ring ring...

Suddenly, ringing sounds from some phones could be heard coming from the outside.

Not one but numerous phones ringing at the same time. This scenario resembled that of a written Taoist voodoo which was supposed to hasten a person's death.

Xuxu had barely composed herself when she panicked again. She pressed her back and palms against the door with all her might.

The ringing tone of the phones lingered in her mind.

Following this, Yan Rusheng's office phone also rang.

This must be a prank. Someone must be deliberately trying to scare her.

She told herself this. She was dying to pick up the phone and yell at the caller, but her legs felt wobbly, and she couldn't move.

She slowly crouched down and sat on the floor. With trembling hands, she held onto her phone and dialed Yan Rusheng's number.

She placed the phone to her ear, and all she heard was a voice saying that the other party was engaged in an ongoing call.

The phones outside didn't stop ringing.

Xuxu dialed Yan Rusheng's number a few more times. He was still engaged in an ongoing call. She was crestfallen.

She gazed coldly at Yan Rusheng's office desk, summoned her courage and stood up. She walked over and answered the phone on his desk. "Damn you. What are you trying to do?"

After she finished her scoldingbang!she flung the phone away.

Her body fell back onto Yan Rusheng's wide and comfortable chair.

The phones outside continued to ring.


Suddenly, the office door flung open and a tall figure dashed in.

With the flashlight in his hand, he shone it at Wen Xuxu who was sitting at his desk.

"Yan Rusheng, you're such a jerk." Xuxu got up and rushed towards the tall figure while crying.

When she stood in front of him, she made a fist and struck his chest with all her strength. "It was wrong of me to doze off in the middle of the meeting. You can punish me, scold me or even criticize me. But why did you have to play such a prank to scare me? Didn't you know I was scared out of my wits?"

She hit him while crying at the same time. Her emotions were clearly out of control.

Yan Rusheng heard her sobbing and complaining. His heart skipped a beat.

He reached out his arms and embraced her. His heart ached for her, and he blamed himself. "It was all my fault. Don't be afraid anymore."

"I hate you." Xuxu buried her head in Yan Rusheng's chest and sobbed loudly. "You don't have to like me, but why do you have to torment me?"

Her hands gripped the sleeves of his shirt.

She hated him and hated herself even more. She had been with him for so many years, but he didn't have a trace of affection for her. Yet, she was still steadfastly in love with him.

Yan Rusheng felt her tiny body shivering.

She must be badly frightened.

He didn't know how to comfort her, and the only thing he could do was to embrace her tightly.

So it turned out that Wen Xuxu was also afraid of the dark just like any ordinary woman, except that she was a little tougher and more obstinate.

He patted her head lightly with his warm palm. There was a hint of tenderness in his voice. "In the future, I... won't bully you anymore."

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