Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 184

Wen Xinyi wasn't about to take this lying down, and she raised her voice. "She went overboard by falling asleep during the meeting. Do you know how much time and effort I spent preparing the proposal?"

Ming Ansheng could hardly believe his ears. Wen Xuxu rarely made any slip-ups during work, and she was always very meticulous. Why would she doze off during a meeting?

As he narrowed his eyes in suspicion, Wen Xinyi was choking up with emotion once again. "Yan Rusheng even stopped the meeting halfway so that she could sleep in peace. We all had to sneak out of the room like thieves."

Ming Ansheng felt even more shocked...

He'd always known that Yan Rusheng and Wen Xuxu's loathing for each other wasn't real. After all, they had grown up together since they were kids; even if there weren't any romantic feelings between them, they were still like family.

With the exception of Fang Jiayin, who possessed a special spot in Yan Rusheng's heart, any woman who provoked Wen Xuxu would never escape unscathed.

Ouyang Qingqing was an excellent example.

But Yan Rusheng had always protected Wen Xuxu in a subtle way. Why did he do it so obviously this time around?

He'd stopped the Board of Directors meeting just so she could continue sleeping...

An ancient story suddenly popped up in his mind, of a king who replaced his queen with his beloved concubineFire Beacon Of The Warlords.

However, Wen Xuxu wasn't Yan Rusheng's beloved concubine, Baosi.

Young Master Ming furrowed his eyebrows, deep in thought. He was oblivious to the rest of the conversation between Wen Xinyi and Ming Zhongsheng.


"Wen Xuxu, get me coffee." It was nearly evening, and Yan Rusheng came out of his office with his cup. "Prepare yourself. We're going on a trip to the suburbs tonight."

Xuxu was about to take the cup when she heard his instructions. She glanced at him doubtfully.

Why is he going to the suburbs at night?

Usually, his social engagements went through her first. She didn't recall seeing anything on his schedule tonight.

Yan Rusheng's voice broke her train of thought. "I've just received news. It's the mayor's daughter's birthday."

"Oh." Xuxu felt bewildered for a moment.

Why was the young master attending the mayor's daughter's birthday celebration?

She remembered that he didn't attend the mayor's birthday previously and merely sent a gift over.

Yan Rusheng lifted his eyebrows coolly. "Why are you still standing here? Go get me my coffee."

"Oh." Xuxu received the cup from him and rose to head to the pantry.

"Stupid woman." Yan Rusheng shook his head behind Xuxu's back, and there was a sly glint in his eyes.

No matter how he looked at Wen Xuxu now, he felt that she was beautiful and attractive.

Without a doubt... it was imperative that he eliminated Jiang Zhuoheng first.


Yan Rusheng didn't call for the chauffeur and drove them there instead. As usual, Xuxu sat at the back.

He drove to a carpark at the basement of a shopping mall.

Wen Xuxu was puzzled. "President Yan, aren't we going to the suburbs?

Why are we heading to the mall?

Yan Rusheng parked his car and turned around to answer her. "How can we go empty-handed to a birthday party?"

Without waiting for her response, he unfastened his seatbelt and got off the car.

It was unimaginable for him to buy a present... for the mayor's daughter. Xuxu was flabbergasted.

Not only was he attending the celebration, but he was even selecting a present for the mayor's daughter personally.

After Xuxu got over her shock, she felt her heart turning cold.

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