Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 192

After turning around a corner on the third floor, one would come across a storeroom. It was filled with Yan Rusheng's old toys, books, and study notes.

He stopped outside the storeroom and turned the doorknob. The strong odor of aged paper greeted him.

He tried to disperse the smell by waving his hands in front of his nose as he proceeded inside.

Wang Daqin followed closely, and she scrutinized the messy room. She scolded him, "Third Yan, how can you carelessly throw aside a love token that belongs to you and Xuxu?"

He didn't value Xuxu at all.

But she was even more curious about the love token and couldn't wait to see it. "Hurry up and find it."

Yan Rusheng had a good habit of being tidy. Even when he'd outgrown certain toys, he still kept and packed them away neatly.

Thus, he instantly found his target and walked straight towards a large green box.

He opened the cover, and there were countless little colorful toys inside. Some were so tiny that it would be easy to miss it if one dropped on the floor.

He bent and rummaged through the stuff inside. But there was simply too much stuff, and he couldn't see everything.

He decided to lift the entire box, and with a swift move, he tipped the box over. The contents fell to the floor and rolled everywhere.

"Third Yan, what exactly is this love token?" Wang Daqin peered at the huge collection of small toys with apprehension.

This fellow must be playing a trick on her. These were just toys he'd played with when he was a kid. She'd almost thrown this entire box away during the last round of spring-cleaning.

Yan Rusheng was concentrating on looking through the pile of tiny toys, and he ignored Wang Daqin.

"Did you see a purple ring?" He spoke after some time and asked Wang Daqin. "It's plastic."

Wang Daqin frowned as she tried to remember. She was certain that she had no memory of this purple ring that Yan Rusheng had mentioned. "I can't remember any plastic ring."

Suddenly, she pointed at the box behind Yan Rusheng which contained all sorts of remote-controlled vehicles. She exclaimed, "Eh? Isn't that Xuxu's favorite doll?"

Yan Rusheng spun around instantly, his gaze following the direction she was pointing at. His eyes lit up. "Found it."

He rose and picked up the doll which was lying among the toy cars.

There was a purple plastic ring hanging around the doll's neck by a red thread.

"You mean this?" The old lady squinted at the plastic ring in Yan Rusheng's palm; she looked slightly disapproving.

Yan Rusheng gazed at the doll. Wen Xuxu had tied the doll's golden hair beautifully.

He stroked the white princess dress that the doll was wearing.

'Snow White's dress is so beautiful.'

'When I grow up, I'll buy an even more beautiful dress for you.'

Young Master Yan was dwelling deeply in his memories when Wang Daqin interrupted, "Third Yan, Xuxu and Ah Heng are in love with each other. Are you planning to be the third party?"

Without waiting for his reply, she nodded as she answered herself. "But anyway, you really are the third. You're merely living up to your title."

There was a long pause...

Young Master Yan's face fell and his eyes swept across this churlish old lady. He marched out without a word.


The next day, the rumors of Young Master Yan dating his childhood sweetheartand secretaryhad circulated around the whole country.

There were photos as evidence; Young Master Yan gifted his childhood sweetheart a 1.99 million yuan necklace and had even selected couple rings.

Not only that, both of them had acted as a sweet couple and took photos at a photo booth.

This piece of news had snagged the headlines of entertainment sections in all the newspapers and magazineseven the capital city's financial magazines.

The capital city's most famous, eligible, and wealthy bachelor had finally gone public with his relationship. This drove all the single people mad with jealousy and envy.

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