Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 201

Wang Daqin spotted her ring the minute she got in the car. Immediately she became even more downcast.

"Sigh, Third Yan is such a disappointment."

She berated him as she placed Xuxu's hand in hers. She touched the ring lightly and stroked the diamond, then said with contentment, "But I know Ah Heng is a good man. Even though I feel regretful that you didn't end up with Xiaosheng, but at least you've found a good partner to spend the rest of your life with. I can rest easy then."

Xuxu smiled without a word.

The car moved steadily on the road. She wasn't aware where they were headed to, but she was certain the old madam had made prior arrangements.

The intensity of the rain fluctuated throughout the day.

Yan Rusheng was bothered by the rain, and he couldn't set his mind to do anything.

'Third Yan, today is Xuxu's birthday. Ah Heng's family will be joining the celebration this evening. I'll be representing Xuxu's family tonight, so I'll leave it to you to decide if you're attending.'

Grandmother had called an hour earlier, and her words echoed in his ears.

He held a cup of bitter coffee in his hands as his thumb stroked the rim of the cup absentmindedly. His fingernails gleamed under the light as though they'd been polished with wax.

He had a faraway look in his eyes which resembled black jade. The whole city seemed to be shrouded with gloom as the rain poured down from the heavens. It reflected his current emotional state.

'The bride and groom may now exchange the wedding rings.'

'You may now kiss the bride...'

It was strange, but the more you tried not to think of something, the more it haunted and pestered you.

The storm grew heavier as the rain lashed against the window panes. The sound of the raindrops seemed to be goading his heart as it throbbed in his chest.

Finally, he couldn't take it any longer and stood up.

Knock knock knock.

Suddenly, someone knocked.

Yan Rusheng was arranging the important documents on his desk when he heard the knocking on his door. He responded curtly, "Enter."

His assistant Qiao Jian entered.

"President Yan, the PR department has just delivered the latest proposal, and they urgently require your approval."

Qiao Jian reached Yan Rusheng and handed him the document.

Yan Rusheng received it and scanned through it briefly. After swiftly signing his approval, he passed it back to Qiao Jian. "I'm leaving first. Don't let anyone enter my office."

"Noted." Qiao Jian obeyed and was about to take his leave.

Yan Rusheng suddenly stopped him. "Qiao Jian."

"Yes, President Yan?" Qiao Jian turned around slowly, looking ready for his instructions.

"Hmmm, what are the things needed to profess your love for someone?" Yan Rusheng quickly blushed, and there was an uneasy expression on his face.

Usually, he was the one being courted. It was the first time he'd tried to rack his brains to please a woman.

Other than the fact that he couldn't put aside his pride, he was a little lost.

Qiao Jian glanced at the boss's blushing face, and he felt the urge to tease him.

But he didn't have the courage. "Roses are a must."

"Roses?" Yan Rusheng frowned and repeated uncertainly. "What's the probability of success if I use roses?"

Does that stupid woman even like roses? If she likes it, I can damn well give her an entire rose manor.

Forget it, he'd just use a bouquet for this occasion.

Qiao Jian was perplexed. "President Yan, I thought you already selected wedding rings with Secretary Wen?"

Why did he need to profess his love? Furthermore, he was still worried about the probability of success?

Without waiting for Young Master Yan to reply, he continued, "I know, President Yan. You must be planning a proposal. Then you'll definitely need a bouquet of roses."

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