Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 214

"I'm coming," Xuxu answered Zhou Shuang and turned around to see her pulling out bags of stuff from the car trunk.

They'd bought snacks for the kids along the way, and Zhou Shuang had prepared clothes for them beforehand.

She rushed over and carried two bags which were stuffed with clothes, then walked to the orphanage's entrance.

The guard was a benevolent-looking elderly man who seemed like he was in his sixties. Zhou Shuang announced her name, and he opened the gates immediately. He even volunteered to help Xuxu carry in one of the bags.

When they entered, the kids had just woken up, and they were all either using the toilet or washing up.

The innocent kids were all excited when they heard that someone had brought them new clothes and snacks.

Zhou Shuang and Xuxu distributed the candies. The happy atmosphere infected them as well as they smiled happily with the children.

Zhou Shuang couldn't resist popping one into her mouth when she saw the variety of colorful sweets.

All the children were well-behaved, and they queued up without creating a commotion and simply took one each.

As they distributed the sweets, the matron who seemed to be in her fifties took pictures from a corner.

They would record heartwarming moments like these so that they can teach and remind the children about gratitude.

Xuxu sat on one of the wooden stools that the kids made and studied the youngest girl in the crowd. She was probably about three years old, and she wore a pink dress that someone had donated. Her curly locks were in a mess, looking as if they were struck by a bolt of lightning.

Her face was chubby and fair, and her eyes were especially bright and round. Her eyes sparkled as if they could talk.

The little girl was focused on savoring her candy and didn't notice that she was being watched. She licked her candy, and her face and chin were covered with saliva. Xuxu managed a tiny smile when she saw her contented and blissful face.

Finally, after she had almost finished her candy, the little girl lifted her head and looked around.

She saw Xuxu who was smiling kindly at her.

Without any shyness, her tiny legs strode over to Xuxu. She held the candy which was almost gone and put it near Xuxu's mouth. "Sister, please eat."

Her voice was sweet and adorable, and it melted Xuxu's heart. She carried her and settled her on her lap.

She brushed her messy hair and responded, "It's alright, you can eat it."

She had barely finished when Zhou Shuang spoke in slight disdain. "You're already married, how can you be a sister? Don't you feel ashamed pretending to be young?"

She moved towards Xuxu and knelt in front of the little girl. She pinched her chubby cheeks and corrected her. "She's an aunty, I'm the sister. I'm the prettiest and youngest sister, alright?"

The little girl didn't answer her as she pointed at Xuxu. "Sister, do you call her Aunty as well?"

What she meant was, I called you Sister and yet I called her Aunty. Should you call her Aunty as well?

This complicated relationship...

"Haha...!" Xuxu burst out into laughter.

Zhou Shuang's face fell.

She thought to herself, how are kids so smart these days? She could even come up with such a complex piece of logic.

"Huanhuan, you can't be rude." The matron walked over and gently lectured the little girl. She bent down and scooped the girl up from Xuxu.

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