Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 216

As he spoke, he sat down on the couch and starting dialing Xuxu's number.

At that moment, the butler announced.

"Missy is back."

Yan Rusheng locked his cellphone screen and put it down, then rose to walk to the door.

The second he caught sight of that petite figure, he was slightly startled. To his surprise, she was wearing the dress he'd bought for her.

She was smiling and seemed cheerful. And she did look more energetic and fresh.

The corners of his mouth curled up subconsciously when he saw her in the dress, feeling satisfied with his taste in clothes.

'She went out with Miss Zhou this afternoon, and she hasn't returned.'

Aunt Zhang's words rung once more, and his face fell immediately.

Xuxu noticed the abrupt change in his facial expression and her heart lurched as a result. She slowed down instinctively.

Yan Rusheng towered over her as she stood below the steps, peering down at her from a lofty position. He snapped coldly, "Where did you go this entire afternoon?"

Xuxu answered timidly, "I went to the orphanage in the Chengdong district with Zhou Shuang. The children insisted on having dinner with us."

So they went to the orphanage.

Yan Rusheng's bubbling jealousy evaporated instantly, and his tone softened. "In the future, call home to inform the servants if you're not coming back for dinner."

He turned around after speaking.

"Mm," Xuxu mumbled as she watched his back.

She felt that this fellow was getting more unpredictable.

Yan Rusheng stopped at the entrance of the dining room and said, "Come over and eat."

"I've already eaten at the orphanage." Xuxu rubbed her full belly.

Seeing how satisfied and contented she looked, Yan Rusheng was struck with a flash of jealousy as he thought of a bunch of kids eating with her at the orphanage.

"Even so, come over and drink some soup." He was frowning impatiently, and he sounded as if there wasn't any room for discussion.

Xuxu feared that he would flare up and nodded. "Okay."

Everything had changed between the two of them. One of them would have to give in so that they could maintain this marriage based on 'Grandmother's final wish'.

Not to mention, she was indeed the culprit behind Grandmother's death and made them lose the core of their family. She no longer had the right to raise her head up high before another Yan family member.

Especially Yan Rusheng.

She would bury the hidden feelings she had for him deep in her heart forever. That way, she will could preserve the last remaining shred of her dignity.

She constantly reminded herself that their marriage was just to fulfill Grandmother's final wish.

No matter how gentle or thoughtful he was to her, she shouldn't harbor any unnecessary hope.

She watched Yan Rusheng as he placed a bowl of soup in front of her and said lightly, "Thank you."

Then she held the bowl and drank a big mouthful.

Yan Rusheng looked at her and asked coldly, "Can't you take note of your image as a woman?"

"Oh." Xuxu obeyed and placed the bowl down. She picked up a spoon and slowly drank her soup in a demure manner.


Yan Rusheng slammed his chopsticks on the table and without waiting for Xuxu's response, he angrily left the dining room.

He didn't want this; he wanted the original her. Not someone submissive and docile without a temper.

Xuxu watched him furiously walk away, and she frowned gloomily.

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