Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 219

Wen Xinyi had always occupied the seat next to her grandfather for all occasions.

Even at a casual family gathering like this, she sat beside Ming Zhongsheng as she held a fruit platter.

When her grandfather made the occasional wrong move, she would caution him on time.

"Grandfather, you can't make this move."

After analyzing the opponent's strategy, Wen Xinyi hurriedly stopped Ming Zhongsheng just as he was about to place his chess piece.

Ming Zhongsheng was saved by her timely warning. "Yes, Xinyi is such a smart girl."

He withdrew his piece.

"Old Sir, there are many police officers outside the house! They're here to investigate a case!"

The butler rushed into the room, gasping for breath as he broke the news.

Everyone was shocked and startled.

They stared at each other in confusion, not knowing what was going on.

Even though he might have used some unscrupulous methods while handling his business, it wasn't serious enough for the police to come knocking late at night.


Wen Xinyi dropped the fruit platter on the floor, and it fell with a loud clatter.

Everyone turned towards her.

Her face was drained of color, and Ming Anyong asked her out of concern, "Xinyi, what's wrong?"

"Nothing." Wen Xinyi smiled and shook her head. "I'm just wondering why the police would come here."

As she said this, she brushed her hair subconsciously, and her eyes darted elsewhere. The smile on her face was rigid and unnatural.

Everyone's attention was focused on the police officers, and thus they didn't notice Wen Xinyi's abnormal reaction.

"To investigate a case?" Ming Zhongsheng's face fell, and his tone was somber and cold.

He rose and walked out of the room with a stony expression.

Everyone scuttled after him closely.

Ming Zhongsheng walked to the door and was enraged to see the police in the courtyard.

He had stayed in this mansion for over twenty years, and it was the first time the police had paid him a visit.

"Let them in," he instructed the butler and returned to the sofa.

He wanted to know why the police had come knocking so late at night.

Everyone had followed the old man while Wen Xinyi quietly sneaked upstairs.

But Ming Ansheng appeared from a corner and blocked her way.

She gasped, and her face turned pallid. "Brother Sheng! You almost scared me to death, jumping out of nowhere."

She patted her chest as she admonished him.

Without waiting for Ming Ansheng to speak, she was about to head back to her room once again.

Ming Ansheng grabbed her slender arm and turned to question her, "Xinyi, what are you afraid of?"

That shrewd pair of eyes blazed at her, but Wen Xinyi tried to avoid him. She lowered her head and stammered, "I-I'm not afraid."

"No?" Ming Ansheng refused to believe her.

"Really! Brother Sheng, what's wrong with you?" Wen Xinyi pouted indignantly.

But she still avoided his shrewd-looking eyes.

Whether it was looks or capability, Ming Ansheng was the most outstanding one among all the grandchildren in the Ming family.

Even among the countless famous and wealthy bachelors in the capital city, he was one of the finest.

Earlier on, he stood on the stairs and observed Wen Xinyi's every movement and expression. She was obviously hiding something.

"Chairman Ming, we suspect that your granddaughter Wen Xinyi is involved with the manipulation of a car accident. We would like her to head back with us for investigation."

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