Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 221

Yan Rusheng dialed Xuxu's number the second he was struck with the thought.

Xuxu had just showered and was about to drink her milk when her phone rang. She frowned instantly when she saw the caller.

Couldn't he just yell for her since they were both at home?

She answered and adopted her professional secretary tone, addressing him politely as 'President Yan'.

"Get me some coffee."

Yan Rusheng instructed her firmly.

He wanted to drink coffee at this time? Did he intend to stay awake throughout the night?

Xuxu cursed him silently, but she obeyed with a 'Yes'.

Other than being meticulous and capable at work, Xuxu possessed the qualities of being a good and loving wife. Every time she brewed tea or coffee, she would carry it out seriously, step by step.

The tea and coffee she brewed were the best that Yan Rusheng had ever tasted, and no one else could compare.

One glance at the fragrant coffee, and he knew that she had added more milk. Xuxu rushed to explain when she saw his glum expression. "Coffee isn't good for the heart, especially when you drink it at night. For the sake of your health, you should reduce your caffeine intake."

She glanced at his ashtray which was littered with cigarette butts. She persevered, "You shouldn't smoke so much either."

She spoke tactfully as she looked at Yan Rusheng with raised eyebrows. "For the sake of having a healthy child, I suppose President Yan should be able to make this tiny sacrifice?"

She pursed her lips with a faint innocent smile.

Her gentleness and smile brought on enormous tidal waves in Yan Rusheng's heart.

Now that she was speaking casually about children, did it mean that she was starting to accept him?

Or did she merely want to complete the task of having a child?

Anyway, it was a good start, wasn't it?

At the thought of this positivity, every single pore in his body began to feel excited. He decided to overlook the fact that she had added more milk as he savored the coffee with relish.

"Is there anything I can help you with?" Wen Xuxu peered at the pile of work and asked Yan Rusheng earnestly.

Yan Rusheng declined with a surly look. "Sleep early."

Xuxu rejected and replied, "I'm not sleepy."

She knew Grandmother had always yearned for them to be together so that she could be his able assistant, both at home and at the workplace.

So she shouldn't just concentrate on getting her health back and having kids. She needed to share his workload at Flourish & Prosper too.

Except for the day before, he'd recently been working late in the study.

As for her, she'd been resting for an entire month. It was time for her to move forward.

"Stupid woman, I'm asking you to sleep early. Why are you still here?" Young Master Yan resumed his usual boorish and burly attitude toward her.

He looked as if he would splash her with coffee if she didn't leave soon.

Xuxu retreated hastily. "Alright then, I'm going back to the room. You should rest early too."

She had merely asked him a casual question, yet it resulted in Young Master Yan's restlessness.

You should rest early too...

Was that stupid woman throwing a hint with her sudden concern?

He couldn't sit still and had the urge to barge into their bedroom. Feeling vexed, he began to light up yet another cigarette.

He reclined lazily on his chair. The top buttons on his shirt came apart, exposing his chest, as though it knew that its owner was feeling frustrated.

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