Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 229

It's true. She had never been reduced to such an embarrassingly pathetic state before. It was because of her period that she'd been left in such an awkward situation today.

When Xuxu put on Yan Rusheng's shirt, it covered her thighs.

She didn't take heed of Yan Rusheng's instructions and continued wearing her own panties, but she wore his boxers over it.

She washed her pants and hung it on a hanger to dry by the window. After that, she replaced the bedsheets with a new set and folded up the soiled one, intending to bring it home to wash.

While she was changing the bedsheets, she subconsciously thought of the necklace that was hanging on the headboard.

Xuxu paused and raised her head to look at the words 'A Lifetime' on the pendant. She held it up with her hands and gently stroked the tiny diamonds on the pendant with her thumb.

The dazzling brilliance pierced her eyes.

"I'll give it to you if you like."

Yan Rusheng had suddenly come in while she wasn't looking. His tone was lazy and nonchalant.

"I don't want it." With a tinge of guilt, Xuxu let go of the necklace and continued to change the bedsheets.

As she knelt on the bed and bent her waist, the position had lifted her butt up. Under the big loose shirt, the silhouette of her body's curves was partially visible, inviting one to have lustful thoughts.

Yan Rusheng accidentally caught a glimpse. He felt a lump in his throat and had the impulse to hug her from behind.

He quickly shifted his eyes away to divert his attention. "It's certainly not as beautiful as the necklace 'Until The End of Time'."

As he finished his sentence, he had reached the headboard and pulled down the necklace.

Placing it on his palm, he lowered his head for a moment. After that, he casually threw it on the bedside cabinet as if it wasn't precious or significant to him.

"But you've always hung it there, didn't you?" Xuxu couldn't help but question him.

She instantly regretted it and chided herself. So he hung it in his roomwhat did that have to do with her?

She sounded a little emotional. Even though Young Master Yan didn't discern the hint of jealousy in her tone, it was enough to put him in a cheery mood.

He took a glance at the necklace once more and said indifferently, "That year, it was almost Chinese Valentine's Day when Wang Haiming gave this necklace to me. He'd personally designed ten similar necklaces, but they weren't put on sale. He gifted the necklaces to all his couple friends. That's why Fang Jiayin also owns a similar necklace."

Xuxu was stunned upon hearing this. "It was from Wang Haiming?"

Although she didn't associate much with Wang Haiming, she did have some understanding about him because he was a good friend of Yan Rusheng's in B City.

His family owned a corporation dealing with precious stones and jewels. It was one of the leading enterprises in the country's jewelry industry.

If this necklace was from Wang Haiming, then why did Fang Jiayin say that her necklace was a gift from Yan Rusheng on Chinese Valentine's Day? She'd even said that Yan Rusheng had chosen it with her and it was a limited edition item.

Yan Rusheng was pleasantly pleased with her reaction. He smiled slightly and feigned surprise. "Were you thinking otherwise...?"

He was on cloud nine at the thought of her jealousy.

As expected, his conjecture was right. As long as she didn't maintain contact with Jiang Zhuoheng, she'd be able to accept their marriage and get used to being his wife.

This sign of jealousy proves that she's slowly accepting this role, didn't it?

All in all, this is a good start.

Xuxu lowered her eyes and took a quick glance at the necklace. She shrugged her shoulders and shook her head as she replied flippantly, "I'm not thinking of anything. I just felt that Wang Haiming was very generous. Even if his family is in the jewelry business, there's no need for him to do that much."

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