Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 235

He reached out for the bedside lamp switch and adjusted it to the dimmest light. This way, he can see her features more clearly and admire her lovely, quiet face while she's asleep.

'Judging by how Xuxu talked to me earlier, I assume you're still keeping her in the dark about the truth behind Grandmother's accident?

'Third Yan, you've changed. In the past, you never wavered in your choices. Even if you did, you always made a decision within a day. But this time around, you've hesitated for so long. What are you afraid of?'

He drew back to get a closer look at Xuxu's face. As he gazed at her long eyelashes, he could feel her rhythmic breathing.

Wen Xuxu, what am I afraid of?

If you knew that I'm the main culprit who caused Grandmother's death, and I almost... caused you harm. What will you do?

Will you leave? And go back to Jiang Zhuoheng?

I know you won't, at least for Grandmother's sake.

But I'm still afraid that you won't be as obedient as you are now. I'm afraid that you'll revert back to your old self and keep me away by being as proud as a peacock. I'm afraid that I won't have any reason to stop you from meeting Jiang Zhuoheng, who you've waited for so long.

He slowly straightened his back without averting his gaze from Xuxu's face.

His gaze became more intense and solemn. He knew that he was being selfish.

But what could he do? He was completely defeated by her.

Their relationship was finally improving. Perhaps after some time... just a little more time will do.


The new business quarter had begun for the company, and all the departments started to get busy once again. Meetings were scheduled every other day.

Xuxu seemed to have assumed the role of Yan Rusheng's secretary once again. She sat beside him at every meeting and like before, she would help him to prepare in advance.

For nearly two months, one was hardly seen without the other.

The leaves were changing color and summer was fading away.

Everyone began to opt for long-sleeved outfits, and after lying in wait outside the company, Zhou Shuang managed to drag Xuxu away to go shopping.

Coincidentally, Yan Rusheng had a dinner engagement that night. If not, no matter how much effort Zhou Shuang put in, she wouldn't be able to snatch Xuxu away from Young Master Yan.

It was after dinner time on a Friday, and the mall was bustling with crowds at 7 p.m. Even though this mall specialized in luxury brands, there were still throngs of shoppers crowding the stores.

"Every time we shop, I'm the only one buying stuff. You're just like a nanny following me around," Zhou Shuang admonished Xuxu who only casually browsed for items. "You used to comment that the prices are too expensive. But now you're Third Madam Yan, the lady boss of Flourish & Prosper. Nothing is too expensive for you, am I right?"

After saying her piece, she scrutinized Xuxu's clothes. Xuxu came directly from work, and she was wearing a rather modest and simple outfit. As expected, Miss Zhou started criticizing her once more.

"Look at what you're wearing! Even though your marriage..." She stopped herself in time when she realized that she was touching on a forbidden topic. She brushed it off and pressed on. "But a woman represents a man's status and reputation. You're representing Yan Rusheng right now. Surely you don't want the paparazzi to snap photos of you with some caption saying 'Third Madam Yan is being snubbed'... am I right?"

She rattled on without pause with no intention of stopping anytime soon.

Xuxu threw her a nonchalant glance, feeling annoyed by her incessant nagging. She frowned helplessly. "Alright, alright. You're absolutely right. Then just point out the stuff you think is suitable for me."

Other than shutting Zhou Shuang up, she felt that her words indeed sounded reasonable.

Regardless of the reason behind their marriage, to outsiders, she is still Yan Rusheng's wife. She is representing him when she's outside.

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