Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 236

And the paparazzi were indeed like what Zhou Shuang had described. They could spin creative stories out of any subtle facial expression made by the targets they captured.

"Alright, there's still hope for you." Zhou Shuang nodded, satisfied. She reached out and held Xuxu's arm.

Her goal had changed tonight; she would select clothes for Xuxu.

A few steps later, she found her 'target'. "That orange jacket on the mannequin would look good on you."

Zhou Shuang pointed at the window display at Zara and commented loudly while gesturing at the jacket.

Xuxu stole a glance at itit was indeed really bright and colorful.

She rejected her immediately. "It's too flamboyant, I don't like it."

"Argh, your looks are so attractive and lovely, yet you always choose such tacky and dull outfits." Zhou Shuang eyed Xuxu's clothes, seizing the chance to take issue with them. "Since you're married to Yan Rusheng, you have to think of ways to keep him devoted to you! Don't regret it if he ends up casting you aside in the future."

Xuxu gave a rather bitter smile when she heard her advice. In her heart, she was quietly derisive.

Yan Rusheng is like a fortress, how would I be able to defend it?

"Let's go." Zhou Shuang dragged her forcefully towards the shop. She said to the salesgirl nearest to her and pointed at the orange jacket. "Get her that jacket in the smallest size."

The salesgirl recognized Wen Xuxu immediately, and her eyes lit up. She knew that this was a customer with deep pockets...

She hurriedly obliged. "Sure, please give me a minute."

"That jacket is from our latest Autumn collection. There are two colors; orange and white." The salesgirl brought one in the smallest size and displayed the jacket to Xuxu and Zhou Shuang.

"Then we'll try out both." Zhou Shuang took charge while Xuxu was trying on the orange jacket.

Xuxu's complexion was naturally fair, and most colors looked good on her, especially bright shades like orange. But she usually didn't choose such vibrant colors.

Today, she wore a pair of beige pencil pants which ended at her ankles. It matched perfectly with the jacket and accentuated the curves of her petite figure.

Zhou Shuang slyly sneaked behind her and reached out to untie Xuxu's hair while she wasn't looking.

With her agility, she managed to succeed in her first attempt.

"What are you doing?" Startled, Xuxu turned to chide her, her silky black hair flowed and billowed around her as she spun.

Her action of flipping her hair was even more elegant than a hair advertisement.

She looked youthful with her hair tied up, but when she let her hair loose, she exuded a womanly and naturally alluring charm which was captivating to the eye.

"Looklook at you! You look so pretty when you let your hair down." Zhou Shuang gestured at the mirror with a bright grin.

"You sure like to joke around." Xuxu glared at her and removed the orange jacket. Then she tried on the white one.

As she looked at her reflection, there was a faint smile playing at the corner of her mouth.

She still preferred the white jacket.

In that moment, her phone rang in her bag which Zhou Shuang was holding.

Zhou Shuang rummaged in the bag for the phone and glanced at the screen. "Your hubby is calling."

Xuxu heard her and turned slightly red. She glared at Zhou Shuang with disapproval and picked up the call. "Hello."

"The orange one looks better. It suits you more."

Yan Rusheng's deep and gentle voice filled her ear. It was as intoxicating as taking a sip of vintage wine.

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