Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 24


There were several flights departing for Haicheng City on a daily basis. Wen Xuxu booked the 1 p.m. flight and went directly to the airport after going home to pack her belongings.

The first-class cabin had four seats, perfect for the four companions traveling together.

Once Wen Xuxu boarded the plane, she put a sleeping mask over her eyes and slept the entire way until the plane landed.

That piece of land was in one of the counties in Haicheng City. This particular county was located along the coast and it was in the early stages of development. Hence, the transport and road system wasn't that advanced.

Set along the coast, this county had strong winds. Once they exited the terminal, Yan Rusheng put on his sunglasses and stuffed his hands into the pockets of his well-ironed trousers as he looked around impatiently.

The car arranged by the real estate developer was late.

Wen Xuxu had made several phone calls to rush them. The other party explained that there had been an accident, causing a traffic jam on the road.

Third Master Yan heard the news and his mood worsened. His eyebrows knitted closer and closer together.

"We'll take a cab there ourselves. Go find a cab."

He'd waited a while more but the designated car was still nowhere in sight. Yan Rusheng had lost his patience completely and instructed Wen Xuxu to get a cab.

Wen Xuxu replied unhurriedly, "This area only allow cabs to drop off passengers, no pickups are allowed. If we want to flag a cab, we need to head to the pickup area for passengers."

"Shit! What a crappy airport." Yan Rusheng's expression darkened.

He was used to cars waiting to pick him up, so this was the first time he'd waited so long at the roadside for a car.

To begin with, he was already in a bad mood. But he had to wait for a car which had yet to appear until now and take a cab instead. The second he heard Wen Xuxu informing him that they had to go elsewhere to flag a cab, he exploded with expletives.

Wen Xuxu was secretly celebrating in her heart. This would teach him that he can't just hasten everything that he wanted.

He gave up a comfortable office back at home to go on a work trip instead. More importantly, Flourish & Prosper considered this trip a trivial matter. Just like what the leaders had said, it wasn't even worth sending the department Director here personally.

She wanted to know if this piece of land was really that valuable and worth developing?

Yan Rusheng didn't want to move at all, so they chose to wait for the car to pick them up.

A black BMW that had been manufactured in China arrived. The chauffeur was a tanned man in his twenties with pearly white teeth.

When he saw Wen Xuxu and the rest, he gave a genuine smile.

Without a word, Yan Rusheng opened the door of the passenger seat and got in.

Finally, his mood improved slightly but it darkened the instant he got into the car.

He frowned and pinched his nose as he scanned the corners of the entire car.

"What did you put in here that has such a strong and fragrant scent?" He looked at the chauffeur with a look of dislike as he questioned him.

He couldn't stand the pungent fragrance.

"President Yan, do you mean this air freshener?" The chauffeur took a small, reddish plastic container from the glove compartment and held it in front of Yan Rusheng. He didn't notice his expression and even offered to let him smell it. "This is really aromatic and it's manufactured by the villagers. If President Yan likes it, I can give you a few more to bring back since I've got plenty of these at home."

Third Master Yan felt like spewing more vulgarities at this particular moment.

But he hesitated as he felt that this chauffeur seemed honest and sincere. If he swore at him, his conscience would bother him.

Furthermore, Wen Xuxu would definitely look down on him.

"Thank you, but it's alright. Just focus and drive." He suppressed his frustration and pushed the chauffeur's hand away. He turned and rolled down the car window and stuck his head out.

Wen Xuxu looked at Yan Rusheng's pained expression and she gloated gleefully in her heart.

What he hated the mostthe smell of air freshener or perfume in the car, and women who love spraying on strong and pungent fragrances.

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