Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 3

Upon reaching the airport at 2:50 p.m., she immediately parked the car at the side and got off the car with a bouquet of lilies.

She sprinted towards the entrance as informed by Ouyang Qingqing's manager.

People usually send red roses to profess their love. However, Yan Rusheng only sent lilies even when he was wooing Fang Jiayin in the past.

Fang Jiayin was still a special person in Third Master Yan's heart. To this day, he would still explode with rage if anyone mentioned her name.

It was unknown whether Yan Rusheng was saving the red roses for that special day in the future when he proposes to Fang Jiayin.

While she was lost in her thoughts, she had reached the designated entrance.

As she stepped inside, she saw Ouyang Qingqing surrounded by fans clamoring for photographs and autographs.

Her manager and security guards were maintaining order and paving a way for her.

Ouyang Qingqing walked with her head bowed and a slight smile on her face.

Despite that, Wen Xuxu found her smile annoying.

The security guards safely escorted Ouyang Qingqing and reached the exit.

Wen Xuxu welcomed her with a smile. "Miss Ouyang, President Yan sent me to fetch you."

She handed her the bouquet with both hands.

Ouyang Qingqing's eyes showed a hint of disappointment for a brief second before she disguised it with a smile. She extended her hands to receive the flowers.

"President Yan still remembers me despite his hectic schedule, it really makes me feel bad."

Her angelic and sweet voice could melt the hearts of both men and women.

Wen Xuxu remained silent and smiled instead.

She was here on her boss's behalf to pick her up but it wasn't her duty to exchange polite remarks.

When Wen Xuxu didn't respond, Ouyang Qingqing's expression displayed unhappiness.

She gave her a furtive glare and strode ahead.

Her high heels were at least 10 cm tall and each heel was as thin as a chopstick.

As she stepped on the ground, 'dong dong' sounds were produced.

Wen Xuxu was about to follow after her when Ouyang Qingqing suddenly slipped. "Ahhh!"

She twisted her foot.

Her manager hurriedly abandoned their luggage and supported her. "Qingqing, are you alright?"

"I twisted my foot, it's painful." Ouyang Qingqing lifted her injured foot and she frowned in pain.

"Miss Ouyang, are you alright?" Wen Xuxu initially felt that she had no obligation to shower concern for Yan Rusheng's girlfriend on his behalf. Ultimately, she decided to do it instead.

She stood beside Ouyang Qingqing and watched her with concern.

There was a trace of coldness that shot across Ouyang Qingqing's eyes and she cast a look at her manager.

Her manager understood her intention and she turned towards Wen Xuxu. "Secretary Wen, I heard that your grandfather used to specialize in traditional Chinese massages. Could you help assess Ouyang's foot injury?"

Her attitude was very polite and sincere.

Wen Xuxu obliged immediately without hesitation. "Sure thing."

The Wen family had specialized in Chinese medicine for generations. As a child, she had been exposed to Chinese medicine and naturally picked up a few massage techniques.

She crouched and held her ankle with one hand and the other pressing gently against her foot. While she was massaging her foot, she kept asking Ouyang Qingqing if she was alright.

Ouyang Qingqing lowered her head and suppressed a condescending smile. She peered down at her from a lofty position.


"Wen Xuxu!"

Wen Xuxu had just finished brewing some coffee and was about to bring it to the President's office when she heard Yan Rusheng's voice.

She didn't bother to knock and entered right away.

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