Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 30

She went to Yan Rusheng's room and knocked on the door.

There was no response.

Earlier, she'd seen Yan Rusheng and Director Zhang inspecting the area nearby when she was taking a stroll along the beach. He probably wasn't back yet.

Xuxu opened the door and went in.

She smoothed out and arranged the quilt on Yan Rusheng's bed. After she was finished, she was covered with perspiration.

Her body was sticky and it was unbearable. She rushed to take a shower.

Xuxu walked to the door and was about to switch off the lights when her gaze moved thoughtlessly in the direction of the bathroom.

Eh? That's right, Yan Rusheng wasn't back yet. She can take a shower in his room instead of using the common bathroom.

Without further delay, she rushed back to her room to get her pajamas and a towel.

She just needed to finish her shower before he came back.


Yan Rusheng and Director Zhang toured the vicinity for a while before heading back to their rooms. He didn't pay attention to the lights which had already been switched on.

He'd sweated earlier during the dinner. After entering his room, he went straight to the bathroom to shower and relax.

He stretched his hand to push the door...

The bathroom door lock wasn't working and it seemed to be obstructed by something inside. He pushed again but the door wouldn't budge and he frowned with puzzlement.

With a little more force, he pushed again... and the door swung open.

"Ahhh...!" Wen Xuxu was standing under the showerhead and rinsing the bubbles away from her body. She hadn't heard Yan Rusheng at first and she screamed in fright when the door suddenly opened. She seized her dirty clothes to cover her lower body while the other hand covered her chest.

The water from the showerhead flowed down from the top of her head.

Both Yan Rusheng's body and expression were simultaneously petrified and he stood in a daze at the bathroom entrance.

Wen Xuxu saw him standing there without moving with his eyes still staring at her body. She was both furious and embarrassed. "Yan Rusheng, get lost! What are you looking at?!"

Her face was as red as crimson.

"Why are you shouting? The other day, didn't you look at me as well?" He snapped out of his trance and his reaction was unbelievably composed.

Before he left, his eyes wandered up and down her body once more in disdain. "You have no curves at all, what's there to hide?"

Saying that, he turned around and haughtily walked out.

Wen Xuxu quickly put on her clothes. She dashed for the door after leaving the bathroom and took flight.

After her tiny figure vanished from sight, Master Yan frowned in puzzlement as he bent his head to look at his lower body.

Damn it! To his surprise, his body had a reaction when he saw that stupid woman's unattractive body.

And furthermore, he had an urge to go to the room next door and do 'something' with Wen Xuxu.

Countless women with various attractive figures had never managed to interest him, Yan Rusheng. How could he have a reaction at seeing Wen Xuxu, that stupid woman?

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