Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 31

There must be something wrong with his body. Without a doubt.

His body belonged to Jiayin exclusively and he could still remember their wonderful first night together to this day.

Ah Sheng, I'm in pain...

Even though he was quite drunk that night, he would never forget that gentle voice in his ears.

Ah Sheng, I like you.

Their relationship started in the first year of university but before that night, she hadn't been indispensable in his life. His friends were all attached and Jiayin had wooed him at that time. He needed someone to be his girlfriend and she was the prettiest in the entire faculty and had good grades. Hence, they got together.

After that night, he was completely in love with Jiayin. In the past, he considered watching movies and having meals together as troublesome and boring. But to make her happy, he was willing to do anything.

It was because of that sentence 'Ah Sheng, I'm in pain... Ah Sheng I like you.'

He felt that that was the loveliest voice in the world and he seemed to have waited in anticipation for a long time.

Furthermore, a woman had given him her most precious and wonderful first experience. All the more reason that he should cherish it dearly.

Reminiscing of the past, he took the bathrobe from the bedside cabinet and entered the bathroom. After a cold shower, he sat on his bed even though his body was still wet.

The second he sat down, he felt that something was amiss. He frowned in suspicion, lifted the bedsheets and found an extra layer of bedding.

I knew it...

When he recalled Wen Xuxu's reply, the corners of his mouth curled upwards uncontrollably. He was satisfied and yet pleased at the same time.

The difference in temperature here was different from what Wen Xuxu had expected. The temperature at night was about 12-13 degrees.

She woke up feeling frozen since she had given her quilt to Yan Rusheng. She opened her luggage but there wasn't anything she could use as a quilt.

She resorted to using a towel to cover her tummy which was the area that was most vulnerable to the chill.

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