Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 32

She resorted to using a towel to cover her tummy which was the area that was most vulnerable to the chill.

Early in the morning, Yan Rusheng woke up to the sounds of the fishermen's horns.

He decided to inspect that piece of land without further ado so that he could leave this pathetic place by today.

He didn't want to spend an extra second in this place.

The sun rose and the weather gradually turned warm.

Wen Xuxu had specially packed a long beach skirt for this work trip. She paired the blue floral skirt with a fitting white t-shirt. She walked on the beach with the wind blowing at her long skirt, befitting the scene well.

She had an SLR camera hanging around her neck as she followed Yan Rusheng closely.

The district head was leading the way ahead and highlighted the strengths of the area as they walked.

"President Yan, look at the sea. During the summer, the brilliant blue seawater will attract many tourists who want to escape from the heat."


Wen Xuxu suddenly sneezed, disrupting District Head Liu's speech.

"Sorry." She bowed her head to express her apology.

After she sneezed, her nose still felt itchy so she used her hand to rub it.

"That mountain over there is also our..."


District Head Liu was still in the middle of his speech when Wen Xuxu sneezed once again.

"Secretary Wen, are you alright?" District Head Liu looked at her and asked out of concern.

Wen Xuxu rubbed her nose and shook her head. "It's fine. It's probably the sea breeze that's making my nose itch. Don't mind me."

The hand that was rubbing her nose moved to her temple. Her temple felt a little painful.

Could this be a symptom of the flu?

After walking for a distance, they finally reached the land that Flourish & Prosper wanted to invest in and develop.

It was a huge coconut forest that faced the deep blue sea. The size of the land was probably about thousands of acres. The wind blew and the leaves of the coconut trees swayed and produced loud sounds. The sight of it was magnificent.

Yan Rusheng removed his glasses and looked at this huge coconut forest.

No matter how endlessly District Head Liu talked about the advantages of developing this piece of land, his shrewd eyes didn't reveal any intention of agreeing.

He pressed his lips together, his thoughts unfathomable.

Wen Xuxu stood beside him and took photos with the camera.

Yan Rusheng abruptly turned his head to look at her with a stony expression.

"Come explore with me," he said coldly, his hand pointing to the coconut forest.

He strode towards the direction of the forest after giving that command.

"Oh," Wen Xuxu responded and her footsteps followed him unhurriedly.

Director Zhang and the rest were about to follow when they heard Yan Rusheng's cold voice ahead.

"All of you may head back first and wait for me."

The group halted their footsteps and looked at each other before looking at the figures of the couple who were ahead.

They looked so compatible.

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