Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 33

District Head Liu couldn't contain his curiosity and turned to Director Zhang standing beside him. "Director Zhang, is Secretary Wen a relative of President Yan?"

Director Zhang smirked in his heart. The secretary and boss.... are relatives?

He had phrased his question tactfully.

"Closer than relatives."

He replied to District Head Liu and turned around to head back with his secretary.

He gave an ambiguous answer so that District Head Liu's imagination could run wild.

"Ahhh...?" District Head Liu opened his mouth absent-mindedly.

Closer than relatives? Isn't that...

Feeling enlightened, his eyes sparkled and with a smile, he ran after director Zhang.


The coconut forest was too vast and it felt like they had entered a maze. The distance between each tree was about two meters and every tree was full of unripe green coconuts.

Wen Xuxu took photos along the way.

They went on a straight route for about half an hour before they made their way out of the coconut forest to the other side.

They were still near the coast after walking dozens of meters. There were several wooden houses on the shore, with nets and fishing tools hanging on the doors.

"If the government can spend more effort developing the roads, they wouldn't have to worry about breaking even."

Wen Xuxu looked at the magnificent sea and sighed.

Such a beautiful place was hidden away, its value wasted.

Her footsteps headed towards the wooden houses.

Yan Rusheng remained on the spot with his hands in his slacks. He looked at Wen Xuxu's slender back and furrowed his brows. The look in his eyes deepened.

Wen Xuxu took a few photos of the wooden houses.

"Wen Xuxu, did I ask you to take photos of this useless stuff?"

Yan Rusheng walked over from behind; he still couldn't bear the sight of her.

Wen Xuxu brushed off his comment and continue taking photos of whatever she liked.

She drew closer to a little wooden house as she was interested in an old wooden boat in front of the door.

She lowered her camera and took two photos of the wooden boat.

Her cell phone suddenly rang. She put down her camera and rummaged through her bag for her phone. The call was from Jiang Zhuoheng.

She placed the phone to her ear and answered the call. "Hello, Ah Heng."

When he heard this name, Yan Rusheng retracted his gaze from the coconut forest. He looked at Wen Xuxu with his eyebrows knitted closely together.

He looked vigilant and his eyes showed annoyance and anger.

"Yeah, I'll be able to reach home tonight."

"You don't have to pick me up, I'll be with Yan Rusheng and the rest."

"Um... alright then."

It was unclear what Jiang Zhuoheng had said to leave Wen Xuxu with no choice but to compromise.

Yan Rusheng listened intently but he couldn't hear anything.

She hung up and Wen Xuxu lowered her head to stare at the little wooden boat. She pressed her lips tightly as if she had a special feeling towards the wooden boat.

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