Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 39

A sly gleam flashed past his shrewd and piercing eyes.

"Let's hurry and leave then." Wen Xuxu was about to loosen her grip when she heard Yan Rusheng telling her that the snake was still around. Her arms quickly tightened around him and she closed her eyes. The image of the vibrant yet disgusting patterns of the snake slithering in the bushes appeared again.

With that thought, she trembled from head to toe, feeling too weak to walk.

Yan Rusheng's lips curled with a crafty smile. He marched ahead with his long legs and headed towards the peak of the mountain.

He nonchalantly crossed his arms and warned Wen Xuxu as he walked. "Hold on to me tightly. I won't care if you fall."

Wen Xuxu opened her eyes and saw a winding path lined with overgrown weeds.

She bit her lips in hesitation, wondering if more snakes would appear.

After they walked for a while, Yan Rusheng's footsteps abruptly stopped and he turned to glance at her. "Wen Xuxu, are you making me carry you on purpose?"

"No, I'm not," Xuxu denied and shook her head. She earnestly continued, "I'm really afraid of snakes."

She turned around and looked behind them. Without realizing it, they had climbed quite high and were far away from the foot of the mountain.

She released her hands, landed on her feet and fixed her clothes. She looked at Yan Rusheng with an apologetic expression in her eyes.

"Hurry up, stop delaying time." Yan Rusheng rushed her impatiently and coolly turned around.

"I'll walk in front." Wen Xuxu dashed ahead of Yan Rusheng.

She felt safer walking in front.

The mountain wasn't that high so it didn't take much effort for them to reach the summit.

The mountain summit was bare with fencing around the edges. There were pavilions and stone benches for people to rest.

Inside the pavilion, they were able to enjoy the view of the county, island, and the entire palm forest.

"This would be a great place to watch the sunrise and sunset."

Wen Xuxu held onto the fence as she looked at the vast sea, smiling with excitement and joy.

Yan Rusheng sat on the bench and observed the entire view of the island as he mulled over the investment.

Hearing Wen Xuxu's thoughtful musings, he pulled back his gaze from the island and moved lazily towards Xuxu.

Xuxu had untied her ponytail and was swinging her damp hair as she enjoyed the gentle sea breeze.

Her eyes were closed and she looked blissful.

Yan Rusheng watched Wen Xuxu with a keen and intense gaze. Fleeting and breathtaking moments tended to catch a person unaware.

For a brief moment, he had the sudden urge to hug that body that had never appealed to him before.

However, as soon as this thought materialized, he immediately quashed it down.

"Wen Xuxu, what do you think of this place?"

Yan Rusheng rose up and walked to Xuxu, and he looked at the vast and magnificent sea.

He promptly diverted his attention.

Wen Xuxu nodded. "It's a good place."

She immediately withdrew her gaze and turned to Yan Rusheng. She then altered the direction of her words. "However, it doesn't mean that this is a good place to invest in."

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