Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 42

In his heart, frustration started building up for no reason.

He felt like lashing out.

Wen Xuxu shrugged. "Then there's no other way, swimming is not within a secretary's job scope."

Her clothes were a little damp and there wasn't any sunlight at the foot of the mountain. As she sat here, her body started to shiver once more.

She bent her legs and rested her chin on her knees. Her arms tightly hugged her legs, curling her body into the shape of a ball.

Her head was spinning and her flu symptoms worsened.

"Wen Xuxu, are you alright?" Yan Rusheng turned around and saw that Wen Xuxu was huddled over and shivering. He was about to reproach her when he changed his mind.

He stood up and moved towards her, stretching out his hand to touch her forehead. "Your forehead feels icy."

"Mm." Wen Xuxu nodded in response and took a breath. She continued, "All the more reason I can't swim across to get help."

She had a helpless smile on her face.

Yan Rusheng frowned. "You make it sound as though I love to torment my staff."

Was he that unkind? He obviously knew that she was unwell, how could he make her swim across to get help?

Anyway, she was the one who suggested that he should swim across to get help. He only said that he wouldn't do it but he didn't insist that she should swim across as well.

Wen Xuxu remained silent and smiled instead.

She wanted to ask, But you do, don't you?

He obviously does, alright?

He was always bullying and tormenting her.

After her body felt cool for a period of time, Wen Xuxu began to feel warm and slowly her body temperature increased.

Her cheeks, forehead, and body were all burning up.

She slowly bent her body and lay on the rock. A shiny rock, that was what she wanted.

"Hey, Wen Xuxu don't sleep here. You have already caught a cold." Yan Rusheng grabbed Wen Xuxu's slender arms and pulled her up.

He could feel that her body was getting hotter. He glanced at the sea and a determined look glowed in his eyes.

Then he glanced at Xuxu. "Wen Xuxu, sit here and wait but don't fall asleep. Beware of the snakes."

Wen Xuxu heard the word 'snake" and she sat up energetically as if she'd been injected with steroids.

The next second, she heard a 'splash' and droplets of water splattered on her face.

After she collected herself, she peered at the sea. "Yan Rusheng..."

Xuxu stood up anxiously and yelled loudly towards the sea.

Around ten seconds later, Yan Rusheng's head emerged from the water; he'd already swum several meters.

Although this place was close to the coast and the waves were quite gentle, Wen Xuxu was still worried. She was concerned about Yan Rusheng's stamina or the probability of unexpected accidents.

Her heart was in her mouth until she finally saw that Yan Rusheng had reached the coast, gradually alleviating her worries.

Her four limbs were weak and aching and she knew that she was running a fever. She stepped back, slowly slumped down and sat on the rock.

She lowered her head and saw a pair of casual white leather shoes. Yan Rusheng had removed the shoes and placed them on the rock he'd sat on just now.

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