Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 50

Wen Xuxu nodded, conceding to him. "Now I know."

She turned around and walked away.

She shut the door carefully. As she closed the door, she looked towards the bed and saw a smile spread across his face, a pleased look in his eyes.

She took a deep breath and mumbled inwardly, "Jerk."

Why did she have to witness their joyous reunion?

Yan Rusheng is such a jerk!

She was in a sour mood. She shut the door, retracted her hands and ran towards her room.

District Head Liu had prepared a pile of local specialties as a gift.

He said hello to Yan Rusheng, and lastly to Wen Xuxu.

"Secretary Wen, this is our local selection of exported sea cucumbers. Please bring them home for your elders." He shoved an exquisite box packed with twenty sea cucumbers into Wen Xuxu's hands. With a humble smile he said in a flattering tone, "Just a small gift, I hope you won't mind."

Wen Xuxu forced out a smile.

Bribery works, but it shouldn't be directed at her! There was nothing between her and Yan Rusheng that went beyond business ties.

What kind of gaze is this old man giving them?

She looked down at her box of sea cucumbers and shoved them back to District Head Liu without further consideration. "This is such an expensive gift, so I will not take it. It's the thought that counts."

"This packaging... must have been imported. It should have cost you a lot of money."

If they were just some fruits and nuts, she would have accepted the gift without a thought.

"It's not that expensive, as long as secretary Wen likes it. " District Head Liu passed the box back to Wen Xuxu. "For the elders back home."

Wen Xuxu continued to decline the gift. "They do not need the extra supplements."

Forcing her to accept a bribe in front of her bosses, this old man must be trying to dig her own grave.

"Extra supplements won't do any harm." District Head Liu was very insistent, and he pushed the sea cucumbers back to Xuxu.

Wen Xuxu and District Head Liu threw both boxes of sea cucumbers around as if they were burning hawthorns.

"My grandfather gets a nosebleed after consuming supplements, you should keep them, District Head Liu."

She gave the boxes one final push towards District Head Liu, turned around and headed for the car.

District Head Liu reached out for Wen Xuxu and managed to stop her. "Sea cucumbers are not like normal supplements. They dispel heat, so they're suitable for your grandfather."

F*ck. She was looking for reasons to reject the gift, but she ended up giving herself extra reasons to accept the sea cucumbers instead.

Wen Xuxu was at a loss for words. She furrowed her brows and answered, "District Head Liu, these two boxes of sea cucumbers would be wasted on me. There is nothing going on between President Yan and I. His girlfriend is overseas and will be back soon. When she's back, you can give these to her instead."

She finished her speech, struggled free from District Head Liu's grip, and made a run for the car.

She turned on the air conditioner in the car, heaving a sigh of relief. She finally got rid of that strange old man.

Yan Rusheng got into the car, dressed in a clean white shirt. He took the passenger seat.

Upon seeing Xuxu inside, he shot her a look of warning and then beckoned the driver to start the car.

Before the car could drive off, there was a knock on the window.

Wen Xuxu looked out of the window and then cringed in horror.

District Head Liu was bending forward, his face stuck to the car window. He gave her a smile and signaled for the window to be rolled down.

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