Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 83

Grandfather was getting on in years and it looked like she was no longer at an age where she could be adventurous and reckless. Therefore she had to take this step in order to start a new life.

After making her decision, she took a deep breath and nodded lightly. "Yes."

Even though he had anticipated her answer, the moment when she nodded her head, he couldn't suppress his unfathomable feelings of irritation and unwillingness.

"Alright, you can get lost now." Yan Rusheng suppressed his voice, pointing at the President's office door.

Lifting his feet, he coldly walked past Xuxu.

Wen Xuxu looked at Yan Rusheng's rigid back. Suddenly, her tears were like a flood which had burst through the gates, instantly flowing down in torrents.

She bit her lips and lowered her head, using her hands to cover her face.

It's over, Wen Xuxu!

Taking advantage of the lunch hour while her colleagues were out for lunch, she packed up her belongings and left the President's office with two huge boxes.

She stood at the door and turned back to bid goodbye to the desk she'd sat at for more than a year.

Wen Xuxu stood by the road and waited for a taxi. The sunlight was glaring and it was hard to open her eyes.

Even though she was in the city, there were only office buildings nearby. There wasn't any malls or hospitals in the vicinity, so it was difficult to get a taxi.

She stood around for quite some time but there still wasn't a taxi in sight.

"Pretty lady, where are you going? Do you need a lift?"

Suddenly, she heard a familiar voice behind her.

"Ah Heng? Why are you here?" Xuxu turned her head to look at the elegantly-dressed man and asked in surprise.

Jiang Zhuoheng joked, "That's because I knew that a certain pretty lady couldn't get a taxi, so I'm using the opportunity to strike a conversation with her."

Wen Xuxu obviously didn't believe him. "Tch."

But it was possible that he had specially come to look for her.

"Where are you going?" Jiang Zhuoheng smiled and walked towards Xuxu. He took the boxes from her.

He saw that Xuxu was sweating. Raising a knee to support the boxes, he used his other hand to take out a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe away her perspiration.

Naturally, Wen Xuxu raised her hand and took the handkerchief to wipe it herself.

As she wiped, she acted in a pitiful manner. "I was fired by my boss, so I'm jobless now."

Jiang Zhuoheng could tell from her pitiful expression that she was just being playful. The smile on his face became more affectionate. "I heard that Miss Wen was a good secretary. Currently, I'm looking for a secretary, the annual salary is one million yuan."

Even though he knew that Xuxu would never agree, in his heart, he couldn't help but hope that she would anyway.

Wen Xuxu smiled. "I thought that with our close relationship, Young Master Jiang would pity a poor girl like me and give me a large sum of money for my retirement."

"Why not?" Jiang Zhuoheng raised his eyebrows and replied back with a mixture of seriousness and humor.

Wen Xuxu raised the blue handkerchief and swept it lightly across Jiang Zhuoheng's handsome face. "Alright, it's not worth standing and joking here on such a warm day."

Then she pointed at the two boxes in his hands and said, "I didn't manage to pass these to my replacement. I'm going to go to Grandmother's house with these documents so that she can pass it to the next secretary."

Yan Rusheng had been adamant about not letting her go this morning but he had changed his attitude in the afternoon and took the initiative to let her leave. Grandmother must have pressured Yan Rusheng somehow.

Nonetheless, she had to personally make the trip to her place to inform her.

The car stopped outside the entrance of the Yan family's mansion. Xuxu poked her head out of the car and the housekeeper instantly opened the courtyard gate when he saw her.

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