Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 92

A trace of surprise flashed past Xuxu's eyes. Usually, it was common to bump into celebrities at luxury stores. And she couldn't believe that she actually bumped into one on this rare occasion that she'd gone out shopping.

Once the pretty lady entered through the door, two salesgirls immediately went to welcome her with bright smiles. "Miss Ouyang, we haven't seen you in a while. You've become prettier."

Ouyang Qingqing gave a faint smile and her eyes swept past the two salesgirls. "Let me take a look at the pink bag at the display window."

She spoke in a lazy voice that oozed with overwhelming sexiness.

Before she had finished speaking, the salesgirl who was serving Zhou Shuang had already retrieved the pink bag from the display window and was about to hand it to Zhou Shuang.

"Miss Ouyang, please hold on. There is another customer who is looking at the bag right now." The salesgirl pointed at the couch and smiled as she continued. "Please look at the rest of the collection or perhaps you can take a seat. I'll get you a cup of water."

She gave a meaningful look at the other salesgirl, instructing her to serve some water.

"I shall wait then." Ouyang Qingqing raised her chin slightly and walked towards the couch.

She sat beside Xuxu.

Xuxu bent her head to look at her cellphone and Ouyang Qingqing didn't notice her.

"Miss Ouyang, please have a drink." The salesgirl held a cup of rose tea and served it with both hands to Ouyang Qingqing.

Zhou Shuang who was carrying the bag in front of the mirror glanced casually at the couch and her face fell immediately.

"Where is your store manager?" She turned to ask the salesgirl coldly.

The salesgirl noticed her expression had changed and she became nervous as she didn't know what had happened.

"That person is our store manager."

She pointed at the salesgirl who had followed Ouyang Qingqing.

Everyone in the store including Wen Xuxu were startled by Zhou Shuang's sudden questioning tone.

She raised her head and glanced at Zhou Shuang who looked unhappy.

She had been using her cellphone this whole time and hadn't noticed the situation. Did the salesgirl say something that offended Zhou Shuang?

The store manager who was crouched in front of Ouyang Qingqing looked at Zhou Shuang. Compared to the rest of the salesgirls who were visibly shocked and alarmed, she seemed more composed.

"Miss, is anything wrong?"

Zhou Shuang stuffed the bag back in the hands of the salesgirl and walked furiously towards the couch. "Your service attitude is atrocious, I'd like to make a complaint."

The store manager rose and walked towards her, maintaining a polite smile on her face. "Miss, what have we done that has made you dissatisfied?"

As they stood facing each other, Zhou Shuang pointed at a clueless Wen Xuxu who was sitting on the couch. She questioned the store manager, "My friend is sitting there as well, why haven't you noticed her? Why didn't you give her a cup of water?"

"Oh!" Xuxu broke into a sweat from embarrassment. It wasn't a big deal if they didn't serve her water; she wasn't thirsty anyway.

Alright, this wasn't about thirst. This was about discrimination.

But she really didn't mind.

Just when Xuxu was about to persuade Zhou Shuang, Ouyang Qingqing's surprised voice sounded in her ear.

"Secretary Wen...?"

Wen Xuxu turned to look at Ouyang Qingqing and she had a fake smile on her face. "Miss Ouyang."

Ouyang Qingqing scanned her from head to toe and gave her a disdainful smile. "Ah, I wondered who was sitting here."

The man accompanying her glanced at Xuxu and asked Ouyang Qingqing, "Qingqing, do you know her?"

Ouyang Qingqing straightened her back and flipped back her hair with her hand to display how her class and status was a cut above the rest. She closed her lips to smile at the man, then replied, "Previously at the airport, the paparazzi photographed her helping me put on my heels. She's Yan Rusheng's secretary."

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