Elixir Supplier Chapter 129

The two of them had left the hotel at 3 pm, which was still quite early. At first, they wanted to go straight back to Lianshan County. However, Sun Zhengrong invited them to dinner. Wang Yao wanted to decline, but Tian Yuantu had accepted the invitation. As a result, they could only leave the next day.

"What do you think?" When they had left, Sun Zhengrong spoke to the expressionless man who had not spoken a word.

"He looks like he has some capabilities," the expressionless man said cheerlessly.

"Yes. He could detect Yunsheng's illness from merely taking the pulse. At his age, he is indeed capable. I'm just afraid that he may not have a way to treat him."

Sun Zhengrong gazed at his unconscious son lying on the bed and sighed.

All these years, his business had expanded tremendously, and his family's power had grown correspondingly. All was goodexcept that his son had worried him greatly. Ever since he was struck by the strange illness, Sun Zhengrong had sought for help from renowned doctors but did not see good results. On the contrary, the condition had worsened.

As there was still some time before evening time, Tian Yuantu drove Wang Yao around to explore Dao City. At the seaside, they stopped and walked to the beach. Although it was springtime, the sea breeze was still very strong and quite cold.

"Is the illness very hard to treat?" Tian Yuantu asked.

"Very difficult," Wang Yao answered. In fact, he had not thought of a way to treat the illness; he only had a vague inkling.

"It looks like Sun Zhengrong is no ordinary man?"

"Yes. He is a well-known man in the province. His net worth exceeds a hundred billion, and he dabbles in property, food and beverage, electronics and many other industries," Tian Yuantu responded. "Actually, I do have a favor to ask of him. That is why I asked you here. My apologies." Tian Yuantu told the truth after thinking it through.

"Haha, it's okay." Wang Yao smiled and waved his hand.

He could already tell that Tian Yuantu and Sun Zhengrong were business partners and were not really friends. Under usual circumstances, Wang Yao would not have come. However, as he had the mission assigned by the system, he had agreed to come. He could take the opportunity to explore and have fun at Dao City; there was no disadvantage in this situation.

"Such a person will have sought help from the most renowned doctors, and yet they have been unable to treat his son?"

"National divine physicians are a rarity. Most of them are located in the capital city and are not that easy to seek. While a net worth of a hundred billion is already beyond grasp in our eyes, in certain peoples' eyes, this is nothing," Tian Yuantu remarked, smiling.

The two of them stayed at the seaside for a while, and the sky slowly grew dark. They then drove back to the hotel. Tian Yuantu pointed out to Wang Yao that this hotel was a very famous one in Dao City and was one of the hotels belonging to Sun Zhengrong's hotel group. It was evident that his business was huge.

Dinner was sumptuous and quite extravagant.

Wang Yao had not heard of certain dishes, let alone seen them. Sun Zhengrong did not speak much. However, the atmosphere was still genial. On the other hand, Wang Yao did not like the ambiance; it made him uncomfortable.

During the dinner, Sun Zhengrong expressed his gratitude to both of them and hoped that Wang Yao would inform him as soon as he had figured out a way to treat his son.

When the dinner ended, Sun Zhengrong prepared some gifts for them. Additionally, he gave Wang Yao a card. It was a bank card.

"What does this mean?" After leaving the private room, Wang Yao asked Tian Yuantu. He did not want to keep it, but while in the room, Tian Yuantu had hinted to him to accept it.

"Fees for your house call."

"The rich are indeed different." Wang Yao shook his head.

"Will you please show some respect!" a voice cried.

Wang Yao followed the voice and saw a graceful lady, dressed in a light trench coat with shoulder-length hair. He could only see her back view. At her side, there stood a slightly plump man who had tangled with her.

This back view looked a bit familiar.

"Why? Do you want to be the hero who saves the beauty?" Tian Yuantu smiled and commented when he saw Wang Yao's reaction.

"I'll take a look." Wang Yao walked towards the commotion, and Tian Yuantu smiled and followed him.

"What are you doing!?" the woman cried again.

"Let's make friends!" The man's hand was about to reach out to the lady when his hand was caught in mid-air.

"Who are you?!" the man exclaimed. He was extremely displeased with Wang Yao's sudden appearance.

"Wang Yao?"

"Tong Wei?!"

When he looked at the lightly made up beauty, Wang Yao was surprised to note that the woman was his old classmate. He did not expect to meet her here. Tong Wei was just as shocked.

"Why are you here?!" the two of them exclaimed at the same time.

"Who are you? Let go of me!" The man who was caught at the wrist by Wang Yao was vigorously attempting to shake him off. However, Wang Yao had a vice-like grip on him, and it felt quite painful.

The two of them had not expected to meet each other at such a place and in such a manner. The last time they met was before the Chinese New Year.

At that time, the beauty was like a flower, showered by the attention of many. However now, she was met with a storm.

"What's going on?" At that moment, a man wearing a suit walked over from afar. "Chairman Ding, what are you doing?" That man's beaming face looked at the man who had attempted to harass Tong Wei.

"I wanted to befriend this lady. She must have misunderstood me."

"Tong Wei, this is the guest we are meeting today, Chairman Ding," that man remarked.

"Manager Li, he" Tong Wei frowned.

"Let go!" Chairman Ding's face had turned an ugly shade. On one hand, he felt that he had lost face and on the other hand, he was feeling the pain as Wang Yao's grip was extremely forceful.

"What's going on?" At this moment, another voice rang out. This time, it was Sun Zhengrong who had exited the private room and witnessed the scene.

"Chairman Sun!"

"Mr. Sun."

Seeing Sun Zhengrong, Chairman Ding and Manager Li, who came with Tong Wei, were both shocked to meet Dao City's all-powerful businessman at this place.

"I guess Chairman Ding must have drunk too much," Wang Yao calmly said.

"This is a misunderstanding," the originally arrogant chairman hurriedly tried to explain. It was obvious that he was awe-struck by Sun Zhengrong.

"Go home to rest if you've had too much to drink," Sun Zhengrong calmly responded.

"Yes, yes." The man named Ding quickly nodded his head in agreement. He looked like a junior who had seen his ringleader and acted very obediently.

Wang Yao could sense this man's pulse pulsating erratically, and his forehead was beaded with sweat.

"I have matters to attend to and will leave now. Please go ahead with whatever you need to do here," having said that, Sun Zhengrong departed.

His statement represented that Wang Yao and Tian Yuantu could freely spend time in the hotel without paying. The hotel was an integrated one and had more facilities beyond restaurants and accommodation.

"Chairman Ding, regarding tonight?" Manager Li asked in a soft voice.

"We'll talk another day." Chairman Ding's voice had calmed down tremendously and had the air of wanting to leave immediately.

"Tong Wei, let's see off Chairman Ding?" Manager Li said.

"Sorry Manager Li, my classmate is here," Tong Wei responded.

"Okay, you carry on. Chairman Ding, I'll see you off."

"No need."

After the two left, the corridor was left with the three of themWang Yao, Tong Wei, and Tian Yuantu.

"I'll just walk around for a bit." Tian Yuantu smiled, patted Wang Yao's shoulder and then left.

"Let's find a place to sit?" Wang Yao smiled and said to Tong Wei.


The hotel had a caf with a nice ambiance. The two chose a seat by the window, ordered two cups of coffee and sat there. The view was a beautiful night scene of the seaside.

"Why are you here in Dao City?" Tong Wei smoothed her hair and gently asked.

"I'm here with a friend to run some errands. I didn't expect to meet you here. It's such a coincidence," Wang Yao responded.

"Yes, it's such a coincidence," Tong Wei propped her cheeks with her hands and remarked in a soft voice.

"Will the incident earlier affect your work?"

"It's okay, I already have thoughts of leaving this job," said Tong Wei, smiling.

As the two of them were chatting, Manager Li and Chairman Ding were outside the hotel.

"Chairman Ding, apologies for what happened tonight. I apologize on behalf of Tong Wei and will come to you another day to make a formal apology," Manager Li smiled and said. The person before his eyes was his company's very huge client. Offending him was not an option.

"Forget it! Beautiful women are disasters!" Chairman Ding said morosely.

"Chairman Ding, have a safe journey."

Manager Li, who looked no older than 30, glanced at Chairman Ding's departing car and sighed softly.

"Why did such a thing happen earlier?!"

At first, he thought that in inviting Chairman Ding to a dinner, he could conveniently close the deal. Hence, he especially sought permission from his boss to also invite the company's pretty lady, Tong Wei along. After all, some things could be more easily accomplished with the help of a pretty lady. Unexpectedly, this incident occurred, and the deal would most likely fall through. He had no idea how to explain this to his boss.

"I wonder what kind of person her classmate was, to have connections with Sun Zhengrong? Is there potential to get his business?" upon this thought, Manager Li's eyes brightened.

"What does your company do?" Wang Yao asked.

"Investment and financial management," Tong Wei smiled and replied.

"Financial management?"

"Yes. Put your money with our company, and we'll invest it for you to generate a return. We will charge a commission for this," Tong Wei explained.

"I know. What are the returns like?"

"Hmmm, that is hard to say. But it's definitely higher than the banks. We have several typesminimum guarantees or riskier investments. Before actually making the investment, we will ensure that we seek the client's opinion," Tong Wei said.

"What is the minimum investment?"

"Two hundred thousand yuan. Why? Do you want to invest?" Tong Wei propped her chin up and smiled at Wang Yao.

"No, just casually asking."

"When will you be going back?"

"Tomorrow, since I'm done with the errands here."

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