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Lu yan shu is a girl with weak personality. But she became strong eventually became strong because of her past. In her past she faced lot of troubles. People in her past made fun of her mocked her teased her. Some even tried to control her. Some even played with her emotions also. Even her most trusted person also broke her into piecesLu yan shu doesn't want this kind life.She doesn't want to become a puppet in hands of someone. she has big dreams. She wanted to acheive her dreams and stand on her own. But because of her past she cannot fulfill her dreams.If she stay in that country she might become retard also. So she ran away from her home to pursue her dreams.She faced a lot of hardsh.i.p.s on her way to achieve her dreams.She rises like a pheonix burned from ashes. She establishes her own company. She make a mark of her name.She rules the entire business world within her fingers. Her name is known to the entire world by her achievements.She made her name as brand.She is called with a title ' Empress of Business World '.While she is pursuing her dreams she met a mysterious man.He helps her in dark but she didn't know. He wanted to stay by her side all the times but he can't. He wanted make her his but he has to wait for her. He wanted to pamper her,dote her and spoil her. But she don't give him a chance.She is afraid of falling in love.Because in the past the people she loved the most decieved her. But this man still wanted to pursue her until she accepts him.He can't live without her. Because to him she is his life. How can he live without his life?But little she didn't know that he is her knight in armor who saved her in dark.If she is a Modern empress then he is a Modern Emperor.But she doesn't want to fall in love with him because she ce to knew that he is a part of her past.Yan shu doesn't want to have any traces from her past in her present life.Her past gave her nightmares. Her past broke her into pieces. Her past made her vulnerable. Her past is the biggest regret and a biggest flaw.She cannot go back to her past and change it. She only had her present. She want enjoy it. She doesn't want to spoil it by someone existence.Will this man from her past will be succeeded in wooing her?" My dear I love you. Stay with me. I love you, care you, pamper you until I take my last breath. " The man asked Lu yan shu while staring into her eyes." My dear I don't love you. I don't want to stay with you. I can take care of myself. I don't need a man to be with me. " she said lazily to him.The man replied " I will wait for you my dear until you fall for me. I'll make you fall for me. But it takes time. I will wait. " he winked as he said."Dear let's hold a marriage banquet" she asked suddenly to the man who is sitting in front of her. He is shocked. He almost spat out the food in his mouth. "why? " he asked with a wide grin on his face.she smirked at him and replied "I want kick away the useless trash who are eyeing my husband. And I want to show the world that you belong to me" she said as she smiled. Author's note:This novel doesn't involve any brutal scenes, r.a.p.e scenes or violenceIt's my original work. It is not a translated one. It's my first novel. I hope everyone will encourage me by reading .Release rate: one chapter a day. Total chapters 7 for a week.Cover photo is not mine. I took that photo from internet. Editing to the photo is done by me

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